Your Backyard Projects is proud to introduce a new section of our site dedicated to… YOU! That’s why we are appropriately going to call it YOUR PROJECTS.

This is your chance to stand up tall and share with all of us here in the Backyard what you’re most proud of in your backyard. We don’t care if it’s a shed, greenhouse, patio, deck, awning, outdoor kitchen, playground, whatever… If you love it – we’d love to see it!

We’re not even picky – there are no formal rules (except let’s keep this clean! :) ). We don’t care if you did the project yourself, if you paid someone to do it for you, or if it just came with the house when you bought it.

Plus, don’t worry if you feel like your bragging a little – Heck, we actually encourage you to brag a little! Because, here in the Backyard we all know what that excitement feels like when you finally finish a project of your own, or you finally buy that shed, greenhouse, deck, etc. – you can’t wait to tell someone. So… Tell Us!

I Want to Share my Photo!

Oh yeah, if you don’t have a pic to submit – feel free to look around. There are some awesome ideas that are sure to inspire you for your next project.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you can keep up with latest updates and new additions and pictures – oh, and did I mention CONTESTS? Yes, we will be hosting contests with cool prizes from time to time where the viewers like you will have a chance to vote on their favorite viewer submission. Viewers submit the pics, viewers vote on their favorite pics, and some luck viewers are going to win!!

Share Your Photos!

Fill out the form below to share your photos and story with us. Be sure to provide us a description of the project or maybe the story behind the project – you never know who you might inspire with your project!

We’re still growing here, so if you have a pic and story you want to submit and not sure where it goes just submit it anyway. If we don’t have a category for it yet will lump it into the miscellaneous area until we have enough to start a whole new category – and hey, yours may just get to be the first!

Remember… If you LOVE it – we’d LOVE to see it!

Share Your Photos

Note: we do ask for your email, but we will never share or sell your email address. We ask for it so we can let you know when we post your project on the site so you can share it with your friends and family. From time to time we may also send you updates about new contests and cool things here at On every email you receive there will be an unsubscribe link at the bottom of it if you ever want to remove yourself from the list.

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