Wooden Patio Furniture

If you want to add a little class and charm to your backyard consider wooden patio furniture to your patio or deck.

The look and feel of wood will always catch your guests eye. Add a comfy patio furniture cushion and you won’t be able to get your guests to leave!

There are several different types of wooden patio furniture that you can choose from that we’ll discuss below including teak, cedar, and oak…


Cedar Patio Furniture

wood patio furniture, patio furniture, deck furnitureAlthough not as pricey as teak, a good set of cedar patio furniture is arguably as elegant as teak deck furniture.

Besides, who can pass up the smell of cedar…

Similar to teak, cedar furniture has a red/orange appearance when maintained.

Cedar is a very durable type of wood and only requires the maintenance you want to give it in order to maintain its coloring.

If you do not maintain it with stain or a sealer, your furniture will fade to a light gray, but even so still stays attractive.


Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak wooden patio furniture is the most popular type of wood used by many homeowners. It has a lot of eye-appealing qualities to it.

Because of its elegance teak deck and patio furniture is often seen on yachts and cruise ships.

Teak wood has very tight grains which make it very durable and resistant to the elements. However, teak deck furniture does have to be maintained to keep its vibrant appearance and maintain its durability.

This usually only requires an occasional rub down of teak oil 1-2 times per year. How many times depends on your preference and how the furniture is holding up in your climate.

If you neglect to maintain your teak patio furniture with teak oil it will lose its red/orange glow and begin to appear a faint gray.


Oak Patio Furniture

Oak is known for its durability. After all, the phrase “strong as an oak” wasn’t made up for no reason.

Because oak is a dense hardwood it is naturally resistant to mildew and insect infestation. This means less maintenance for you.

To maintain your furniture’s color and vibrant look you can rub it down with wood oil once a year and help its resistance to the elements.

No matter which type of wooden patio furniture you choose, with a little maintenance you will be able to enjoy it for many, many years to come.

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