Wood Storage Sheds – Designed to Withstand the Elements

Wood storage sheds have been one of the most popular portable storage building choices for many years, especially to those who choose to build their own.

Whether you choose to buy a wooden storage shed, or just build your own, you won’t have to worry about Mother Nature and kids destroying your new found treasure.

Wood portable storage sheds are extremely durable and dent resistant offering an attractive and practical solution to your storage needs.

Of all the different types of sheds – wood sheds are definitely my favorite. Having built many of them personally, I find they are one of the most durable and dependable options available.

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Wood Storage Shed Kits – Easy and Affordable Storage Solutions

There are a few storage shed manufacturers that provide wood storage shed kits that come with all the materials needed, and everything is already pre-cut.

No need for trying to read a blue print or taking the chance of mis-cutting your lumber and costing yourself a small fortune.

PLUS, you can often have it delivered straight to your home!

All you have to do is assemble it, which is like putting together a simple jigsaw puzzle – but with DIRECTIONS!


Popular Styles of Storage Sheds

When choosing a storage shed you should be aware of the 2 main styles:

Basic Storage Sheds

The basic style storage shed is the style seen most often. This style has a gable room (typical triangle shaped roof). You get a practical structure with all the basics.

Of course, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it has to be plain… you can always dress it up some with shutters, a flower box, or add some styling to the doors.

Barn Style Storage Sheds

The second style is the Barn style. This style of storage shed adds character and charm to any yard. Not only do you get all the benefits of a typical portable storage building, but you also get to add a little flair to separate your shed from all your neighbors.

Many barn style sheds have enough ceiling clearance that you can add a loft to get any unwanted boxes and items off the floor and out of the way giving you even more storage room.


Choosing the Best Storage Shed Plans

If you don’t want to go the storage shed kit route and prefer to build your own shed from the ground up yourself you can get a good set of plans that will walk you through the steps of building your new shed.

Be careful of buying just any shed plan. A good storage shed plan will provide you everything you need including:

  • Detailed drawing
  • Materials list (this alone will save you a ton)
  • Step by step directions


Storage Shed Foundations – Wood vs. Concrete

Whether you decide to purchase a wood storage shed as a kit, or decide to build your own, you need to put some thought into the type of foundation you want.

You have two main options for your foundation on wood storage sheds – you can choose either to have a wood foundation or a concrete slab.

A wood foundation allows you the ability to move the portable storage building should you ever choose to, while a concrete slab makes your storage shed permanent.

Don’t miss this article that discusses the pro’s and con’s of both wood and concrete slab storage shed foundations.


The Wrap Up

Wood storage sheds are one of the most durable and economic storage shed options. You can choose to buy a storage shed kit or build your very own.

Either way, you will have a storage shed that will maintain its beauty for many years to come.

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