Walk In Greenhouses

In the gardening world, walk-in greenhouses are probably the most popular for many reasons that will be discussed later on.

These are essentially small greenhouses that can fit into the corner of a suburban backyard in much the same way as a walk-in closet can be tucked into one part of the bedroom.

Many gardening stores, home improvement shops and dedicated online sites sell these walk-in hot houses at varying prices, sizes and features.

But one thing is common in all of these walk-in hothouses: Their benefits cannot be denied and cannot be snubbed especially by hobby gardeners. Here then are the numerous benefits that come from owning a walk-in greenhouse in your yard, patio or deck.


Small Footprint

Walk in greenhouses are suitable for small spaces in the yard of a suburban house, rooftop in a condominium building and even the hallway of an apartment complex. You don’t have to clear a large space for the greenhouse as its footprint is on the small side. You just have to remember adopting the right measures to ensure the ideal environment for whatever plant you may be cultivating in the greenhouse.


Easy Assembly

If you have rudimentary carpentry skills, that’s okay because a walk-in greenhouse is easy to assemble. You don’t have to measure, saw and pound as most of the parts come in prefabricated style – all you have to do is to join one tube to the other tube, place the walls and roof and voila! Your walk-in greenhouse is ready to use. Or if you are not using it, the greenhouse can easily be dismantled and stored just as easily as it went up.


Easy Portability

Because walk in greenhouses are made from lightweight materials like aluminum tubes and plastic walls, you can easily transfer them from one location to the next. For example, you may want to transfer the greenhouse from the east to the south corner of the yard to take catch the sunlight. Or you may want to keep the greenhouse in storage during the offseason.


Safe Materials

A walk-in greenhouse is often made from special plastic materials known as polycarbonate plastic and polyethylene plastic. These are durable materials that are resistant to scratching, shattering and breaking, all of which can happen with glass greenhouses. You may have heard of gardeners who were injured when the glass roof or wall shattered from extreme temperatures or from the effect of inclement weather or from falling tree branches.

Even the frames of these walk in greenhouses are made from safe but durable materials. Aluminum and galvanized steel are coated with a special paint to ensure that there are no jagged edges while also providing the metal with rust resistance properties. Plus, these are durable materials that contribute to the stability of the entire greenhouse for as long as the structure is located on a level foundation and anchored to the ground.

You can also add other accessories to a walk-in greenhouse for as long as the plants are not too crowded. A shelf to display prized plants, store small tools and safe keep supplies can be added to the greenhouse. The most important thing with walk in greenhouses is that these are used for the purposes for which these were intended – to be able to cultivate fruits, vegetables and other plants at any time of the year and at your own pace.

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