Vinyl Pergola

The vinyl pergola is ideal if you live in an area that experiences high winds and/or significant snow fall. The vinyl material is chosen because it is easy to install, it’s incredibly durable and vinyl pergolas tend to look the best and last the longest when compared to other materials.

Impervious To Many Things

Many homeowners tend to prefer vinyl pergolas because the material is impervious to sunlight and weather. Furthermore, unlike pergolas made of wood, vinyl pergolas are impervious to wood destroying insects and dry rot. The vinyl structures are so strong that they are designed to decorate your yard for decades to come.

Vinyl Pergola Kits

If you don’t want to have a vinyl pergola constructed, a good alternative is to go with a pergola kit. Vinyl pergola kits are designed to install simply and easily with minimum technical knowledge or ability. You can choose from a myriad of designs and colors and you can install your pergola in a single weekend

A typical vinyl kit comes with the posts and steel beam inserts, all the necessary joists and slats, decorative caps, screws, brackets, all the hardware you’ll need and certain extras, depending on the individual kit you choose.

Before You Buy A Kit

Before you purchase a pergola kit, be sure to ask plenty of questions. You will want to know if the above items are actually included, especially the hardware. If you need special tools, you will want to learn this beforehand. However, most vinyl kits are designed to be incredibly easy so most of the stuff you need should be in the box.

The most common tools for installing a vinyl pergola include an electric drill, measuring tape and a circular saw. Again, check with the manufacturer before you buy so that you know you’re ok to install once the pergola kit arrives.

Custom-Made Pergolas

Depending on the area where you wish to construct your Pergola, you may find that a kit doesn’t suit your needs. You may desire a special look or height that isn’t available in any kit you can find. In these instances, you may want to have your pergola custom-made. This is where you can choose the design, engineering and complete look of the pergola based on your needs, tastes and suggestions from the expert designing it.

Your Pergola Warranty

Kit-made pergolas and ones designed from scratch should both come with a warranty. The warranty could be for 20 to 40 years and some are for life, depending on the manufacturer or seller. Pay attention to your warranty and find out what’s included.

Although your vinyl pergola is designed to last for years, you never know when something nay happen. Keep all of your paperwork and read your agreement carefully so that your pergola not only stays looking great for years, but so that you are protected in case you have to repair or replace your pergola in the future.

Cleaning Vinyl Pergolas

In order to clean a pergola made of vinyl, you only need to hose it down. This will help to rinse off any dust or dirt that has accumulated and will leave your pergola looking shiny and new. If you experience staining, you should be able to use any standard cleaner. Make sure you check with the manufacturer before using any harsh chemicals, as you could damage the material permanently.

Vinyl pergolas require very little maintenance and retain their great looks for years. Whether you are looking for shade over your pool, garden or patio or you just want to add a unique look to your yard, a vinyl pergola is just what you need.

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