Vinyl Garden Sheds – Dependable and Practical

Most vinyl garden sheds come prefab, or as storage shed kits, that are designed for easy assembly. This is one major reason for their growing popularity – homeowners like DIY projects they can do themselves.

Vinyl sheds are not only known for their durability, but also because they are relatively easy to assemble when compared to wood, steel, or metal storage shed kits.

However, vinyl does not require the long term maintenance the other portable storage buildings eventually will.

Durability of Vinyl Storage Sheds

Vinyl garden sheds are surprisingly durable. They offer a homeowner a shed that will NOT rust, dent, rot, mildew, or fade. Depending on the manufacturer, most models are also flame retardant.

Most leading vinyl storage shed manufacturers, such as Arrow Sheds, Duramax, or Rubbermaid storage sheds, boast wind resistance of 100+ mph (if properly anchored).

Duramax Sheds

If you are looking for a large storage area capable of storing large amounts of stuff, or large items such as boats, tractors, vehicles, etc., Duramax carries of selection of sheds that will meet your needs.

These vinyl sheds are reinforced with a solid metal structure which gives them superior strength, plus makes it easier to hang shelves, tool racks, etc.

Foundations for Vinyl Garden Sheds

Your first option is to not have a foundation. If you choose to go with no foundation simply erect your shed, anchor it down, and you’re done.

Foundation kits are quick and easy to assemble and also very effective. Some storage shed kits will come with a foundation kit, but most have to be purchased separately.

Foundation kits typically are steel frames that fit inside the inner shed base (after shed is erected). They are quick and easy to install – most only take a matter of minutes. After the frame is set you can overlay the frame with plywood (preferably treated plywood for extra moisture protection).

If you decide on cement – some people will erect the shed and then come back and pour cement inside the shed floor.

Don’t be fooled – vinyl sheds are a durable, easy to maintain option that can meet all of your storage needs.

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