Are Sunrooms a Better Choice Than a Traditional Add-On to Your Home?

Sunrooms today offer homeowners much more than just an occasional sitting area.

Improvements in manufacturing now allow homeowners to use the room as more of a traditional living area.

It’s not uncommon these days to use the new found area as a bedroom, playroom, dining room, or even for an office space.

Sunrooms, a.k.a. patio, solarium, or Florida rooms, are a practical and affordable way to get more space out of your house while also increasing the value and aesthetics of your home.

Popular Sunroom Models

There are two main types of sunrooms that you see most often. Both types are designed for a certain purpose and are offered in different styles.

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The first is the four seasons sunroom. As the name implies, a four seasons room is designed for usage year round. It is well insulated and meant to be more of a permanent fixture.

Because it is designed for year round use, it is better insulated, has several window options available, each with varying degrees of insulating factors, and is typically attached to your home’s heating and cooling systems.

The second type is a three seasons sunroom.

Obviously, judging from the name this room is designed for all the seasons but the cold, cold winter. However, depending on your climate you may actually be able to efficiently use your room more than just 3 seasons.

Since the three seasons room is not designed as much for the cold it is not as heavily insulated and typically does not attach to your home’s central heat and air. The bright side of this is that this equates to less of your hard earned money spent.

Sunrooms – Available Options

sunroom, sunroom design, sunroom ideas There are a number of sunroom options to consider when trying deciding on your new sunroom. Each option affects the price tag up front, but can pay for itself in the long run.

Some of the main choices have to deal with the type of glass used. There’s single glazed, double glazed, triple glazed, low E, and even vinyl (a glass substitute) to choose from. The options get increasingly more expensive, but the insulating factors increase as the price increases.

So, while you may pay more up front now, you stand a good chance of making that up in energy savings over the long haul.

Sunroom Decorating Ideas

When making the building or buying decision you should also take into account the sunroom ideas that are available.

What area will your new room connect to? Will your home’s interior decorating need to match your new additions?

These are all important questions to consider before deciding to build or buy a new sunroom.


Our sunroom pictures gallery.

Find inspiring designs and decorating ideas.


Sunrooms – Build or Buy

Once you decide on what size, type, and style is perfect, you now need to decide one of the most important questions – do you buy a kit and do the work yourself, or buy a package deal and have the vendor professionally install the room for you?

If you are looking to keep this addition as inexpensive as possible you could consider sunroom kits. Most manufacturers have each patented their own system of securing the panels, windows, and doors of their kits together with minimal tool usage.

There are several pro’s and con’s to buying a sunroom kit.

These kits are designed for novice homeowners and often not only include detailed instructions, but also include a step by step instruction video to see your project through to completion.

Professional Install
sunroom, sunroom design, sunroom idea
If budget is not your driving factor, or if your plans include a creative design, consider having the room professionally installed.
Most all manufacturers or vendors have people that have gone through certification courses on their specific products.

How better to ensure a quality install than having the work done for you by people who deal with this product day in and day out? These guys know what to look for, and know all the tricks of the trade to ensure your room will live up to your expectations.

Sunrooms are an economical and efficient way to add a warm and inviting living space to your home.

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