Which Sunroom Options Should You Know About?

There are a number of sunroom options you should be aware before you make your purchasing decision…

Sunrooms come in various designs with each offering distinct features from the rest. Which sunroom design you ultimately choose should be based on how you plan to use your new addition.

You have a number of options to chose from in the types of glass, vinyl, or screen you use in your sunroom. Each choice has its own advantages.


Basic Sunroom Options Available

Building your new addition with lots of glass is what most people think of when they talk about sun rooms. Because glass is after all – glass, some people worry about the breakability factor.

However, through developments in technology through the years, certain types of glass have become quite durable and resistant to impacts.

Double Glazed Glass
Double glazed glass is simply 2 layer of glass in the same frame. In between these 2 layers a gas is inserted to give the glass a higher insulating factor.

Double glazed glass will be more expensive than standard glass. However, you get a better insulated material that still allows adequate light.

Triple Glazed Glass
As the name implies, triple glazed glass is 3 layers of glass in the same frame. Like the double glazed glass panels, gas is inserted in the 2 voids between the 3 layers for the highest level of insulation.

Triple glazed glass ensures that you will not lose valuable heat during the winter months. Because of the high performance of this product, this is the most expensive choice, but one that pays for itself in the long run. Especially, for those of you that deal with harsh winters.

Vinyl, which is sometimes referred to as PVC, is an economical substitute for glass. Vinyl is cheaper than glass, and very durable. Vinyl is an option that is easy on the wallet, but still efficient enough to get the job done.

A screened room allows most of the light you receive from a typical glass sunroom, but has the added benefit of a nice breeze. You get to enjoy your backyard… in the shade… but, without all the pesky insects!

Screened rooms are your cheapest sunroom option. You get to enjoy the added savings of not having to buy all the glass.

A sunroom can be an economical addition to your home that retains its resale value well.

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