Is a Sunroom Kit the Best Solution to Adding on to Your Home?

Sunroom kits are an affordable option to homeowners who are thinking of building a sunroom onto their home, but want to keep the addition as economical as possible.

However, this option is not for everyone. When making your decision you need to decide what you plan to use your new sunroom for…

Will it be used as a sunroom? Will it be used as a spare room? Office? Play room?

How you plan to use your sunroom, and how often you plan to use it will help you determine what features are most important to you.


Pro’s of a Sunroom Kit

sunroom, sunroom kit, sun room, florida room Cost – Purchasing a kit from a dealer or sunroom manufacturer is considerably cheaper than building a sunroom from the ground up. These costs will vary based on the style of room, and the quality of materials you choose.

Relatively Easy – Most sunroom kits have their own patented ways of connecting the panels, windows, and doors together. Often times these connection devices do not even require the use of hammer and nails.

Novice Friendly – You don’t have to be a highly experienced DIY’r to be able to effectively assemble your own sunroom. Manufacturers include a set of detailed instructions to walk you through the process. Most reputable manufacturers include an instructional video to go a step further and actually show you how to assemble their product.

Con’s of a Sunroom Kit

Size – If you purchase a sunroom in a kit form, you can only choose between the standard sizes they produce. You do not always have the luxury of having your room built to your exact dimensions, as you do if you have your room professionally installed.

Precision – Kits are designed to all be the same. They should fit the vast majority of homes. However, not every home is the same nor is every location on the home the same. Other factors such as roof lines and door or window locations on the existing home come into play when choosing where the new room will be located. A kit may not always fit it your desired location.

Materials – Be aware that kits sometimes do not include the glass in the package. The glass is sometimes sold separately. So, be sure to ask this question when looking at kits so you don’t get any unwelcomed surprises.

Building your own sunroom can be a very affordable and very rewarding addition to your home.

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