Sunroom Ideas

There are many different sunroom ideas you can use to create the perfect atmosphere in your favorite room.

The main reason most people add a sunroom additions onto their home is for the convenience of having another room added to their living space.

The typical sunroom is an extension of your home and may be connected to your heating and cooling system or not.

Often these rooms are used as a family room, dining room, or just a room in which you can curl up with a book or a crossword and just relax.


Determine Your Use for Your Sunroom

Before getting started implementing any sunroom ideas, you first need to decide how you intend to use your sunroom addition.

Florida Room
Many people also refer to sunrooms as Florida rooms. This comes from the rooms that were added onto homes in Florida and often decorated with bamboo and palm trees. The Florida motif often incorporated into these rooms uses the jalousie type windows which used to be so popular.

Many people copy the decor of these sunrooms adding plants to every corner, using shells and bamboo or rattan furniture.

This can make a very comfortable room for spending time with family and friends. These are often painted in the light corals and blues that are associated with beach colors.

Sisal mats are sometimes used and the atmosphere is one of having your own little piece of the south incorporated right into your home.

Upscale Sunroom
Sometimes people want something a little fancier than your typical sunroom addition. By adding floor to ceiling windows on a couple of the walls, installing hardwood floors and contemporary furniture, the room can still be classified as a sunroom – just on a little more upscale than a normal sunroom.

Dining Room
If the room is going to be used as a dining room there can be many different types of decor. The casual to the formal will go in this room depending upon how it is decorated, the type of windows used, and the flooring.


Sunroom Ideas – Incorporate Accessories

Another aspect to consider when choosing between sunroom ideas is to consider what sunroom accessories are available. This can be anything from the window treatments to the rugs you decide to use.

You can have fabric for the windows or use roll-up style blinds that will add to the feel of a sunroom. Even decorative shutters that actually work can add a flair to this room.

Floor pillows are a great idea for adding room to lounge and enjoy this room.

The use of plants is always a room brightener. Choose plants that like a lot of light. Hanging ferns can add beauty to this room.

Adding shelves to your room can help to create room for things you would like to display. Not only do they add space to your room but they can add to the decor.

If the room is large, a room divider is a great addition. Bamboo type dividers can be added to match your furniture.

Paddle fans can also be used to create an island type atmosphere for relaxation.


Sunroom Heating and Air Conditioning

The sunroom is often just used during the warmer months of the year therefore it is not connected to the house air conditioning or heat. The room is usually closed off in the winter months and not used unless there happens to be an extraordinarily warm day.

Depending on the area of the country you live in and your climate you may save on your heating and cooling bill but may not get to use the room as much as they would like.

No matter how you plan on using your sunroom with a little creativity you can create an atmosphere that will make your sunroom addition become your own spot of relaxation.

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