Sunroom Designs – the 4 Basic Steps

There are so many differing sunroom designs available, it can sometimes be challenging to choose the right one to suit your needs.

Because a sunroom often becomes one of the special nooks in your house, it’s natural that you should want to design it so it enhances your restfulness and enjoyment of the room.

The possibilities for designs of a sunroom are infinite and start with 4 basic considerations:

Size and Shape

Choosing a sunroom design that complements your lifestyle and your desired usage of the area is important. If you intend to use the area as a place to relax and enjoy a little sunshine, the room size may not need to be overly large. However, if you intend to use the sunroom as an entertaining area, or as an extension on the home that lets in light, this should be factored in.

Color Consideration

To make your sunroom an appealing addition to your home, make sure that its shades and style are in harmony with the rest of your house. Light, neutral hues go well in sunroom designs for the wall color, furnishings and flooring choices.

The lighter color helps keep the temperature cooler during hot sunny days. It also opens up the room and brings about the impression of it being more spacious and full of light.

If you want to create a natural environment in the room that mirrors the natural environment outside your window, take advantage of the effects of natural tints like soft yellow and pale green.

Furniture and Fixtures

When contemplating the ideal sunroom furniture for your new room, take into account the purpose and ambiance of this room. Do you want a living room atmosphere in your sunroom? Traditional upholstered furniture with soothing cushions will help you achieve that effect.

Are you considering using it as a place to unwind and rejuvenate? Soft living room furniture is the ideal choice. Will it be used for hosting luncheons or dinner parties? Patio furniture could also be the answer.

Sunroom Accessories

You can benefit from the sun’s rays entering the room by accessorizing the area with plants. Or, think of how water fountains can enhance the tranquility in your calming sunroom. You can also adorn it with floral pillows and family pictures.

Breathing life into a lovely sunroom is not difficult. By following these basic steps you can have a valuable addition to your home that will amplify its appearance and purpose. The only limits with sunroom designs are your imagination and personal preferences. And, the only design standard to reckon with is that your sunroom should be homey and gratifying to you, your family and friends.

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