How Much Will a Sunroom Cost You?

How much will a sunroom cost depends on a number of different factors – read on to learn more…

It is a notable fact that most homeowners continue to add sunrooms to their homes as a way of improving them.

Regardless of the type or value of your home, having a sunroom addition will greatly enhance the look and value of your home.

There are no restrictions of how large or small a sunroom should be. Your budget, space available, and imagination are perhaps the only factors that influence your sunroom cost.

Many people assume that adding a sunroom to their home is costly and therefore beyond their means. The fact is that the increasing popularity of sunrooms among homeowners is driving their cost down each passing year. People have realized that in the long run adding a sunroom is worth the sunroom cost they initially invest.

Comparisons show that how much you spend on a sunroom addition is equivalent, if not less, than what it would cost you to add an additional ordinary room. Consider this, even if initial sunroom cost was more than that of traditional construction, you would reap the following long term benefits:


Energy Efficiency vs. Sunroom Cost

Sunrooms are most commonly made of glass, which captures light and makes it more energy efficient than most traditional materials used for construction. The specially constructed energy efficient windows often meet and go beyond the building code requirements when it comes to energy efficiency.

Sunroom materials are manufactured and professionally installed by experts in putting up the sunroom frames. This significantly reduces the sunroom cost when compared to traditional forms of construction. In addition, any homeowner who is so inclined can actually do it for themselves.

Adding a sunroom will give you higher resale value for your home than making such home improvements as adding a backyard or adding a swimming pool.

Depending on the size, type and quality of materials you choose, a good sunroom will cost you anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 to construct. Constructing a sunroom does not take a lot of time. In a matter of weeks to a month, you can have your sunroom ready for use.

Benefits of a Sunroom

The benefits of having a sunroom are not just financial. Adding a sunroom enhances the aesthetic appearance of your home giving you a more pleasant living space. If constructed properly, they can be used all year round without any major problems.

Sunrooms are also great areas if you like to garden. They provide excellent environments to experiment with different plants while bringing the additional advantage of bringing the outdoors inside.

You will be able to enjoy the outdoors feeling all year round without having to worry about your outdoor furniture needing maintenance

For the best idea about sunroom cost, you will want to check with different local sunroom experts for quotations before making a decision. Be sure that whichever contractor you use, is able to give you 100 percent lifetime transferable guarantee for all supplies and labor. This will ensure that the value of your home is much higher if you decide to resell it in future.

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