Storage Shed Tips to Consider Before Making Your Final Decision

So, you’ve decided which type of storage shed is right for you. Great!

These storage shed tips will provide you all the final information you will need to make an informed decision.

These storage shed tips are all too often overlooked before homeowners make their final decision, but if you take a few seconds to review them you may be able to save yourself some time and frustration in the long run! Here you go:


8 Tips To Getting a New Shed

1.) Decide ahead of time what you want to store in your portable storage building. This will help you decide how big a shed you will need.

Storage Shed Tip: Decide what size you think it will take to hold all your stuff, and then go 1 size larger.

    You will find there is no such thing as a storage shed that’s too big. Eventually, you will fill it up and WISH you had a bigger shed.

2.) Decide where you want to put in your new portable storage building. Knowing where you will put the shed will also help you decide on what size is right for you. You don’t want to ruin a view!

Storage Shed Tip: If you plan on having electricity run to your new unit, take this into account now as you decide where the building will sit.

3.) Will you put your portable storage building on a concrete slab, or have it on a wood foundation? Obviously a concrete slab makes the shed permanent. A wood foundation allows you to move it should you ever need to.

Either way you choose your new shed will still serve its purpose. A wood foundation should use pressure treated lumber (aka. Osmose, Yellawood, ACQ, etc.)which will avoid rot due to moisture. Most portable storage buildings built with wood foundations sit on top of 2 or more skids to keep the floor off the ground and away from moisture, and also making your unit portable.

Storage Shed Tip: Go a step further and put the skids on bricks or concrete blocks to ensure NO wood comes in contact with moisture.

    This also helps leveling your unit. If you purchase your storage shed from a business that builds your unit on-site in your backyard, or delivers it to your house, this is likely standard procedure for them. Be sure not to overlook these tips.

4.) Planning on keeping a riding mower, ATV, or other large piece of equipment stored in your portable storage building? Be sure and measure the width of the item(s) so you know the amount of clearance you need in the doorway.

These days most doors used are 3′ to 4′ doors. Anything larger than 4′ and you should probably consider using double doors.

5.) Have you considered how many windows you want? How many windows you should have on your storage building depends on what you intend to use it for, and how big the house is.

Couple Rules of Thumb: 10’x 12′ or smaller – 1 window is sufficient.
10’x 14′ or larger – min. 2 windows is advised. 2 windows will help you ventilate the building during the hot Summer months.

Storage Shed Tip: If you plan to spend time in your portable storage building, possibly as a workshop, or to use for crafts, consider placing your windows across from each other (side to side or front to back) to create cross ventilation.

6.) To insulate or not to insulate? That’s a good question, but does not have to be a difficult one to decide.

For probably 95% of the reasons you are looking for a backyard shed there is no need to insulate. Yes, you’re building will get warm in the Summer and cold in the Winter, but you’re realistically going to spend VERY little time in it.

The exception to this is if you plan to use it for a workshop or craft shed, in which case you likely will spend a fair amount of time in it. Depending on your climate you be able to achieve a suitable environment with windows and cross ventilation. See Tip above.

7.) Need Power? Do you plan on storing anything that requires electricity? Or, do you need lights in your portable storage building?

If you buy a pre-built unit, or even a storage shed kit, there is a good chance it came with outlets and at least 1 light included. This may be an Option you have to include.

If your portable storage building does not come with electricity, or if you decide to build your own unit, don’t let this step scare you. It’s surprisingly simple to run the wiring and set some receptacles. If you don’t know much about electricity, or don’t feel comfortable with this step, there’s a good chance you know someone who does and would help you out.

8.) Having a pre-built storage shed being delivered? Make note of the following things before you set up the delivery:

a) Do you have a fenced yard? How wide is the gate? Often times gates are not wide enough for a building to fit through or for a truck and trailer to maneuver through. In which case, it may be necessary to take down a couple posts worth of fence temporarily. Most companies that offer delivery service will do this for you. A fee may be involved

b) Do you have any overhead power or phone lines running to your home or garage that the building would need to go under? You need to remember if your portable storage building is being delivered it will be on a trailer and be 10′ to 14′ tall, possibly higher depending on the style you choose. So low power or phone lines can be a problem.

Finally, the most important storage shed tip of all: If you are unsure – ASK.

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