Storage Shed Organization – Where Did I Put That?

Is your idea of storage shed organization – open the door and throw it in??

If you already have a storage shed at some point you have felt a need to get it better organized. You quickly find that no matter what size storage shed you have you quickly fill it up and wish you had a larger shed.

Trust me, you’re not the first to feel this way!

When it comes to storage and organization little things can go a long way towards making you feel like you are not so overwhelmed.

There are a number of storage shed accessories that can make the job easier.

Organization Ideas can be Simple!

If you’re getting ready to organize your garden shed it’s usually best to start from scratch (probably not what you want to hear I know):

  • Remove everything from the shed.
  • Try to start your storage shed organization by putting all like products in piles together so you have a visual to work with to determine what would be the best way to store each group.
  • Make a JUNK pile that you WILL discard.
  • Once everything is separated in piles start making your battle plan of how you think you can condense and get everything back in the shed more efficiently.
  • Consider adding shelves, pegboard, hooks, cabinets, etc…
  • Condense items stored in containers to containers that better fit the contents in them, then use the bigger containers to store other items more appropriate.
  • Consider adding a loft for extra storage – This can be surprisingly simple. Just nail a 2×4 stretching across the width of the shed on the back wall by nailing it to the studs (parallel with the shed floor). Make sure to keep it above head level. Then nail up another 2×4 a couple feet out from the back wall by nailing it to studs on each side of the shed at the same height as the first 2×4. Next, cut a piece(s) of plywood, OSB, hardwood siding, etc.. and lay it across the 2×4’s and nail down. This makes a great shelf to store items you rarely use – like christmas decorations.
  • Once you add the shelves, pegboard, hooks, cabinets, etc. it’s time to start bringing the piles back in… in an organized manner.

Storage Shed Organization Tips

  • Keep items you use most often in the front, or down one side.
  • Keep items that would be damaged by moisture away from the door and windows.
  • Consider adding a work bench or work table to organize your hand tools.
  • Consider using an old furniture piece such as an old dresser for storage. Each drawer can store different categories of items. You may even want to consider picking up a cheap dresser at a garage sale if you don’t have one.
  • Make use of old organization items from your bedroom closet(s) that you’re not using any more. For instance shoe racks or coat hooks have a multitude of other uses. Be creative!
  • Cut and attach small lengths of old pvc pipe upright to the wall of the shed and then slide shovels, rakes, etc. into the pipe. You only need roughly 1′ of pipe and attach it 2-3′ off the ground.

Storage Shed Organization – Wrap Up

The hardest part of storage shed organization is getting started. It’s hard to find the motivation, but once you get started you’ll find that it almost becomes a mission, even for those who are not the most organized.

If you take the time to condense and discard junk you don’t need, you’ll find that you’re storage shed is not nearly as small as it seemed before you started.

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