Getting the Right Solar Patio Lights

The benefits of solar-powered lights are well-known mainly because of the combination of the rising consciousness for environmental issues and of the rising prices of electricity.

These pocket-friendly and eco-friendly benefits are also applicable to solar patio lights with the added advantage of beauty, functionality and security for the home and its environs.

But with the many available models of solar-powered patio lights sold in home improvement stores and websites, the task of choosing can be difficult. Well, read on and find out how it can be made easier on the mind and on the pockets.

Things to Know Before Purchase

Before visiting a store or logging on to a website to purchase these solar lights for the patio, you must know certain limitations and opportunities for these light fixtures. On the downside, these solar lights must be positioned in an area where at least 6 hours of sufficient sunlight can recharge the solar panels. In fact, manufacturers assert that the solar lights must be exposed to maximum sunlight for a minimum of 8 hours before these fixtures become operational.

If you live in an area where cloudy conditions are the norm, then these solar lights may not be the best lighting solution. Or if the patio is in a shaded area, then you must look for other alternatives.

On the upside, solar patio lights can be repositioned almost anywhere since most of these light fixtures can be uprooted, in a manner of speaking. Keep in mind that there are no lengthy wires and complicated electrical connections to worry about, thus, the relative portability of solar lights for patios, decks and porches.

Once you have decided that solar lights are for your own brand of lifestyle, the next step of choosing the style becomes easier. Just browse through the selections and then choose the lights based on factors including your design preference and brightness requirements.

Types of Solar Patio Lights to Choose From

In your search for the right solar patio lights, you will encounter many types. First, the solar path lights provide illumination to the borders of the patio as well as the pathway leading to it. The effect is one of a romantic getaway where low-light illumination softens the hard edges of the night and of people.

Second, the solar flood lights are usually used in larger patios surrounded by plants, flags and other ornamental items. Their main purpose is to provide brighter illumination especially for security purposes although these solar lights can also be used to highlight the beauty of certain areas.

Third, the solar spot lights are similar to the path lights expect for one main difference – the spot lights focus the light beam in only one direction while the path lights tend to illuminate virtually the complete area.

Fourth, the solar string lights are probably the most popular because of their combined benefits of looking romantic while also being practical in many ways. These lights can be used for Christmas, for Valentines and any other day when romance is in the air.

So, which of these types of solar patio lights are the right ones for your home? Well, it depends on what you want the patio to look like – with bright or low lights as well as with big or small lights. You can experiment with the looks until you have it just right for your needs and wants in outdoor lighting.

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