Choosing Solar Lights for Your Garden

We tend to think of solar lights for gardens as generic products – if we have seen one, then we have seen them all.

In reality, the wide range of solar lights for garden landscaping purposes answers to the need of every garden from the Japanese to the English, from the formal to the informal and from parks to backyards. The trick then is in choosing the best solar lights that will truly bring out the beauty of the gardens, be it during the day or at night.

Make a Map of the Garden

Your first step in choosing the right garden solar lights is to make a map of the garden that includes the pathways to the bushes. There are two reasons for making the map or diagram. First, you can pinpoint the areas in the garden where maximum sunlight is received in both the summer and winter seasons. This way, the solar lights can be positioned in strategic places where its brightness can best be recharged and subsequently harnessed.

Second, you can determine the kinds of lights to install in specific areas so as to bring out their beauty. For example, the oak tree on one side of the garden can have solar lights focused on its base to highlight its magnificence. Or it can be that certain parts of the pathways will receive solar lights with brighter luminosity for practical purposes while other walkways will have softer lighting for a romantic ambience.

Decide on the Styles

Once you have determined the desired locations of the solar lights for gardens in your own place, the next step is to decide on the styles. When we refer to the styles of solar lights for garden landscaping, we are usually referring to the height, placement and function of these fixtures.

For example, when it comes to heights, garden solar lights can either be low-fixture or high-fixture types. Where low-fixture lights are placed close to the ground, high-fixture lights are usually at waist-level such that the former is suitable for walkways while the latter looks good beside bushes.

As for placement, your choices include solar lights placed on the ground or mounted on the wall. Each one provides for different functions in that the ground-mounted lights are often placed outdoors while the wall-mounted lights can be placed either on the patio or on the concrete fence. However, all solar lights for gardens must receive sufficient amounts of sunlight for recharging purposes.

You must also look into the functionality of the solar lights for garden landscaping. Your home’s security system can be complemented by these light fixtures mainly by lighting up the path toward the house, thus, making it easier to see who is coming or going on the premises. Many solar lights can even be equipped with motion sensors while others act as powerful spotlights.

Indeed, just like electrical-powered lights, homeowners and garden landscapers can choose from solar lights with various luminosity factors, materials used and designs applied. The main advantages of these solar lights for gardens pertain to substantial savings in money as well as in doing your share in saving Mother Earth from fossil fuel use.

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