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Review: Swiss Gear Smart Shade 10×10 Screen House

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The great outdoors is something all families wish to be a part of, especially when you have a screen house. Enjoying the breeze and unwinding from everyday lives is a great part of what the outdoors provides people. For experiences such as these, people often return to the time old tent. Well, tents do not always offer the ideal protection in all conditions. Certainly when the weather is both cool and dry they do the job, but there are times where one feels as if the air is heavy because of the poor air circulation throughout them. Their biggest purpose is to protect against the rain. For most of us, though, the need to go out into the wilderness is not so much the issue as it is in our own back yards. Protection from the elements of weather does not warrant tents in such situations. For this, the Swiss Gear Screen House is a fantastic alternative.

Durability / Reliability

Swiss Gear Screen Houses provide any and all its users with the ultimate protection and comfort experience. The manufacturers of Swiss Gear have managed to design a screenhouse that is lightweight and has a highly durable framework that will satisfy the needs of any users. The upright support is made of a variety of scissor-type steel connections and joints that pivot. This makes for an exceptionally easy unfolding experience of the Swiss Gear Screen House’s frame.

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Canopy Rating

The heavy-duty water repellent polyester canopy fits wonderfully over the frame creating a clean, smooth, and elegant look to the canopy roof. Not only is the canopy water resistant, but it also provides the users with UV protection as there is a UV resistant coating which protects users and adds a level of durability to the canopy like no other. Often times users are concerned with pinching their fingers while setting up their screen house, but with the Swiss Gear Screen House users should have no fear. There are patented easy-release buttons which provide a pinch-free setup.

Where Can I Use My Swiss Gear Screen House?

One of the biggest benefits of the Swiss Gear Screen House is the ability for it to be not only set up anywhere, but fit around just about anything. This easy, quick to assemble, and large screenhouse will fit around picnic tables, blankets, and other areas to provide users with the comfort, shade, and convenience they would like in any situation. The Swiss Gear Screen House is well ventilated and allows for natural breezes to move through the screen house with no disturbance to the users. The batwings and guyouts built on the Swiss Gear Screen House provide protection and stability in conditions that are windier than one would prefer either, along with the anchor points for stakes to only increase that stability. The added protection against bugs, snakes, and other unwanted creatures makes the Swiss Gear Screen House a top choice for all kinds of differing situations.

Swiss Gear Smart Shade Screen House – Features

  • Portable and Durable
  • Sets Up in Minutes
  • Removable Screen Walls
  • Withstands Strong Winds

Product Details

  • Weight: 44 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 46.2 lbs.
  • Measurements: 115 inches x 10 feet x 10 feet (H x W x L)
  • FREE Shipping

Shipping and Delivery

The great thing about buying large items online is that you can have them delivered right to your front door. This is the case with the Swiss Gear Smart Shade 10×10 Screen House. Why go through all hassle of crowded aisles and long lines at the mega stores, and breaking your back lugging the box in and out of your car when you can have it delivered right to your front door for FREE?

Screen house Recommendation

It is easy to easy to see why so many prefer the Swiss Gear Screen House over any other available. The durability, reliability, and comfort far surpass expectations. Combining this with the ease of setup, breakdown, and mobility makes the Swiss Gear Screen House top choice for all occasions.

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