Rubbermaid Shed 3752

rubbermaid shed 3752The Rubbermaid Shed 3752 is the most ideal outdoor storage sheds that allows you to keep your tools safely locked away as well your garden chairs and cushions. You can even store your garden hosepipes, firewood and charcoal and much more in the shed. I am always looking for extra space to pack things into and find this shed to be really great.

The Rubbermaid 3752 is 92 cubic ft and gives you a storage space of 91.3 cubic ft and comes with a grey roof and manufactured in the USA.

You will find that this Rubbermaid shed is:

  • Rust Proof
  • Chip Proof
  • Will Not Peel
  • Has Lockable Doors
  • Constructed of High Density Polyethylene
  • Measures 70″ wide x 46″ Deep
  • Weights 263 Pounds

The Rubbermaid shed 3752 is fantastic for storing your garden equipment or even your bicycles and this shed allows for storage space as well as has a foam floor that will support around 1 300 pounds. The grey roof slides backwards giving you easy walk in access and also has a two sliding lockable doors although the locks are not included. This shed is really built to last you for many years to come.

The design you choose is important as outdoor storage sheds are not just the run of the mill buildings. The Rubbermaid shed 3752 will impact the overall view of your property so it is important to choose a design that fits in with your home surroundings which will enhance the overall effect.

This Rubbermaid shed 3752 is affordable in comparison to many others I have viewed. What I love most about this shed is that is well designed and will really look good in your back yard.

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