Rubbermaid Shed 3749

rubbermaid shed 3749The Rubbermaid shed 3749 is a vertical storage shed that is perfect for storing all your extra garden tools, lawnmowers, and other miscellaneous items.


This shed has 17 cubic ft of storage space and had a grid floor which will allow you to store your long handled tools, and has grooves for four additional shelves which have to be purchased separately. The structures are free standing as well as weather resistant and has an inter locking double wall with blow molded panels which give it durability and strength.

New owners say it takes no more than an hour or so to assemble their new Rubbermaid shed 3749e. The shed has a hasp for a padlock which is not included and the lid opens backwards for easy walk in access. This is really a gem and has been well designed as well as blends in with most garden decor and landscaping.

Due to the way the manufacturers have designed the Rubbermaid shed 3749 the shed is maintenance free due to the resistant siding. This shed is affordable and will last for years as opposed to some of the other sheds I viewed on the net.

This shed would definitely enhance any home as well as add value to your property. This shed is high quality and low cost.

I highly recommend you check out this shed, and all round it is a really good investment and good value. If you are looking for a decent shed look no further than the Rubbermaid shed 3749.

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