Are Professionally Installed Sunrooms Better Than Sunroom Kits?

Will professionally installed sunrooms work better than a sunroom kit?

This is one of the most important decisions in choosing a new sunroom – will you have it built by the dealer or manufacturer, or if you will try to do it yourself.

Either choice has it’s pro’s and con’s…

Professionally installed sunrooms take away a lot of hassles of the construction process.


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If your new room is custom built either by the manufacturer (or dealer), or if you hire an independent contractor, you have the luxury of customizing your new space and design exactly how you would like it.

Craftsmanship Warranty
If you deal with a reputable company or independent contractor they should provide you with a warranty on their craftsmanship for a certain period of time.

So, in case you have a leak or other faulty issue you should be able to give them a call to come fix the problem for no additional charge.

You do not necessarily have to be real experienced in construction to buy a sunroom kit and install it yourself.

However, if you purchase your room from a manufacturer (or dealer) and have them install it – you should have some reassurance that their work will be quality.

After all, these guys are usually certified by the manufacturer which means they had to attend training for that specific product.

Should you choose to have your room professionally installed you don’t have to concern yourself as much with what all options you want to add.

For instance, if you decided to build the room yourself, you might decide against adding skylights because you think they may be too complicated for you to install.


sunroom, sun room, florida room Cost
Obviously, having your sunroom addition professionally built for you does not come without a price tag.

Expect to pay several thousand more to have the room professionally installed for you.

Depending on the time of year and the company or independent contractor that is going to install the room for you it’s possible that you may have to wait your turn until they can get to you.

Certain times of the year are busier times, plus certain times of the year receive more rain than others.

Both slow down productivity.

There are many advantages to buying a package deal – it certainly removes a lot of headaches (and probably a sore thumb or two!)

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