Portable Storage Buildings

Portable storage buildings are one of the most valuable additions you can add to your backyard or garden area. Valuable in that you now have a place to store all of those old cumbersome boxes, tools, lawn equipment, and lets face it…

JUNK that has been cluttering up your garage, house, or attic space.

There are numerous types and styles of sheds available on the market today, and also several top storage shed manufacturers that you should be aware of.

Top Storage Shed Manufacturers

The following is a list of some of the most popular brands of metal, wood, vinyl, and resin storage sheds:

Arrow Storage Sheds
Arrow storage sheds are one of the most popular brands of metal sheds on the market today. However, Arrow also offers a number of wood sheds that have a steel frame.

Here’s a collection of deals on Arrow Storage Sheds.

Suncast Storage Sheds
Suncast has created a reputation for being one of the most popular brands of heavy duty resin storage sheds. They have a popular lind of both horizontal sheds and vertical sheds. Suncast sheds are as attractive as they are durable.

Don’t miss these deals on Suncast Storage Sheds.

Duramax Storage Sheds
Duramax sheds are a popular line of heavy duty vinyl portable storage buildings. The beauty of Duramax sheds is that you don’t have to worry about rot, dents, mildew, or fading.

Learn more about Duramax Sheds here.

Rubbermaid Storage Sheds
Building on their name brand recognition of durability and practicality Rubbermaid has a line of storage sheds that are designed for everyday use. Rubbermaid sheds come in 2 basic styles – horizontal storage sheds and vertical storage sheds.

Review all your Rubbermaid Storage Shed options here.


Types of Portable Storage Sheds

Years ago, homeowners only had 2 real options when choosing their portable storage buildings – wood or metal. These days there a number of different choices on the market. Yes, those 2 options are still available, but even they have different options available to you.

Wood Storage Sheds
storage shed, shed, garden shed, portable storage building If wood storage sheds are your preference you can choose from various types of siding (paneled, lap, etc.). Check out all your wood storage shed options.

You may want a storage shed that’s a bit more classy (elegant even), in which case you should consider cedar storage sheds.

Steel Storage Sheds
storage shed, steel storage shed, garden shed, portable storage buildingIf you like the idea of not having to paint your storage shed every 10 years or so,
a steel storage shed may be a good fit for you. With the advances of paint coatings over the last number of years, garden steel sheds now offer a homeowner a consistent look for the lifetime of the product. Read more about steel storage sheds.

Metal Storage Sheds
metal storage shed, storage shed, garden shed, portable storage buildings Metal storage sheds have come a long way over the years from the flimsy units they once were. While these units are still one of the more economical solutions, they are much more structurally sound than they used to be. Discover your metal storage shed options.

Vinyl Storage Sheds
Vinyl storage sheds have made their way into the mainstream over the last decade or so, and offer homeowners a unit that is basically maintenance free and will not dent, rot, or mildew. Read more on vinyl garden sheds.


Portable Storage Buildings – Build Your Own!

If you’re ready for a good DIY project that will bring you years of satisfaction – it’s time to try building a storage shed on your own. You have 3 choices:

Storage Shed Kit
You can purchase a storage shed kit on the market today and choose between a wide variety of choices. You can get a storage shed kit made from wood, vinyl, metal, or resin. Review all your storage shed kit options.

Storage Shed Plan
Up for a little more challenge? You can always build your portable storage building yourself – from the ground up.

It’s really not as hard as you may think – especially if you have a good storage shed plan. Here’s one of the largest selections of storage shed plans available online today…


Design and Build Your Own
Don’t like the storage shed plans you’ve seen? Why not design your own shed and get it exactly the way you want?

It is EASY to do if you have the right storage shed design program.

There are several inexpensive storage shed design software programs to choose from.

Need Some Design Ideas??

Don’t miss our storage shed pictures gallery.

You can also share (and review) YOUR storage shed pictures and stories here.


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