Portable Greenhouse – Save Space

A portable greenhouse allows you all the benefits of owning your own backyard greenhouse without having to invest much money, or use up too much coveted space in your backyard.

Maybe your thinking about investing in a backyard greenhouse, but not sure if you’re ready to make the investment in time and money. Will you even enjoy having a greenhouse? Maybe, you are just looking for the cheapest greenhouse you can find.

What better way to find out than by starting with a smaller greenhouse and try it out for a while. You can always sell that one and get a larger one…

…or simply use both! One for seedlings and one for everything else.

Advantages of a Portable Greenhouse

As mentioned above a portable unit, such as a greenhouse kit, will save you money, plus they save you space. A portable unit will not take up your entire backyard.

Space is becoming more and more of a critical factor – especially when you have newer homes and neighborhoods having increasingly smaller and smaller yards.

A portable backyard greenhouse takes amount of space out of the equation. There is a portable unit that’s just the right size for everyone.

Several advantages of portable backyard greenhouses include:

Save Space
If you don’t want to have a large greenhouse taking up space in your backyard you can always have a couple of portable greenhouses strategically in places where they are not in your way.

Save Money
Obviously, a small greenhouse is going to be much cheaper. Plus, they are a great way to try out maintaining one so you can see if a full size greenhouse is right for you.

Start Growing Earlier
Start your growing season before everyone else. No need to wait for Spring. When others are just planting their flowers, you will already have sprouts.

Use Them Indoors
Who says greenhouses are only for the outdoors? You can easily use a small greenhouse in a corner of your home, in a basement, etc…

A portable greenhouse protects your plants/flowers/seedlings from insects, birds, and other pests. Why let a bug or animal mess up all your hard work?

Easy to Assemble
No need for complicated instructions testing your patience – because they are small they are quick and easy to assemble. The 4 tier mini greenhouse is a great example of an easy to assemble greenhouse.

Easy to Store
A portable greenhouse does not take up much room when dissasembled, so they can easily be stored away until the next growing season.

Important Factors to be Aware of

If placing your portable backyard greenhouse outdoors be sure to anchor it. As you might imagine, portable units are smaller and made from lightweight materials, so they should be anchored.

Be sure to keep your greenhouse where it will receive adequate sunlight. This seems obvious, I know, but because a portable unit is smaller it’s possible that where you put it in the Spring may not be the most ideal place for it in the Fall.

That’s not a problem though, since portable backyard greenhouses are easy to set up and move from location to location.

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