Advantages of Plastic Greenhouses

For most first-time gardeners, the appeal of plastic greenhouses is undeniable. These structures look affordable, manageable and functional in many ways than their glass counterparts.

But like all purchases, it pays to know about the product on which hard-earned money will be used on. Basic information is definitely better than utter ignorance when buying a greenhouse, be it made of plastic or of glass. Here then is the ABC’s about, benefits and choosing tips of a plastic greenhouse in your yard.

About the Plastic Greenhouse

Like all types of greenhouses, a plastic greenhouse provides the best place to cultivate plants like fruits, vegetables and flowers in a controlled environment away from the vagaries of the natural elements. The main difference obviously lies in the main material used – plastic greenhouses are made from plastic while glass greenhouses are made from glass.

But the plastic used in a plastic greenhouse is not the ordinary plastic seen in supermarkets. Instead, there are special plastics manufactured specifically for greenhouses and the like. There are two main types of these special materials:

  • Polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable, extremely lightweight and outstandingly durable than glass. You will find that these are affordable alternatives to glass greenhouses but with similar, if not greater, benefits.
  • Polyethylene covers can be stretched over the frame of the greenhouse and, hence, these are suitable for both temporary and permanent structures.

Your choice between these two types of plastic greenhouses depends in large part on the available space in the yard, your gardening skills and your gardening goals.

Benefits of the Plastic Greenhouse

The popularity of the plastic hothouses is based on valid benefits instead of just marketing hype. These benefits include the following:

  • Opportunity to cultivate plants the whole year-round or when the fancy takes your hands
  • Cheaper price tags than the glass hothouses
  • Easier assembly of the plastic greenhouse kit especially as there is little worry for breakage
  • Greater efficiency in heating and cooling by as much as 30% when the greenhouse is properly constructed
  • Lesser costs on maintenance especially in extreme temperatures.

It must be noted that glass can easily shatter in too hot or too cold temperature, not to mention the risks of injury to limb when the glass breaks in inclement weather.

Besides, if you will compare plastic greenhouses with glass greenhouses, their aesthetic value are almost similar. You may have to exert extra effort for plastic but the savings are well worth it.

Choosing the Plastic Greenhouse

As previously mentioned, many factors come into choosing the right plastic greenhouse. The key is always to choose the one that will provide for the best value for your money, of which the following backyard greenhouse tips can help in this aspect:

  • Measure the available space where the greenhouse will be placed. Be sure to provide room for movement in and around the structure, nearness to utility outlets like water and electricity, and good drainage on a flat, level piece of land.
  • Determine your gardening goals. If you are the hobby gardener intent on growing orchids, your choice of a greenhouse will be different than if you are growing cash crops.

Indeed, plastic greenhouses may look simple on the surface but there are certain things that must be carefully studied so as to take the best advantage of these gardening structures.

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