Pergola Kits

If you’re more of a “Do-It-Yourself” type of person, perhaps purchasing a Pergola Kit is the route you want to take.

Let’s review a few types of Pergola Kits that are available and what benefits exist when choosing a Pergola Kit, rather than building a Pergola from scratch. We’ll also attempt to answer a few questions that may arise when choosing to work with a Pergola Kit.

Shopping for a Pergola Kit Online Versus In-Store

As you can probably imagine, shopping online for a Pergola Kit can increase your selection immensely. You are no longer held to the confines of choosing from only 3 or 4 models at the local hardware or home-improvement store.

There are, however, a few disadvantages to ordering a Pergola Kit online.

When shopping for a Pergola Kit online, you are unable to actually put your hands on the product to get a feel for the material it’s constructed of. Textures and colors can easily be misinterpreted while viewing images of Pergola Kits online. This can lead to disappointing surprises when the product is delivered.

If you are ordering a Pergola Kit from the manufacturer, you may want to inquire about the possibility of having a small sample of the actual material shipped to you. This allows you to be more certain that you are purchasing the Pergola Kit that meets your expectations.

How Difficult/Easy is it To Assemble a Pergola Kit?

When deciding to begin any construction project, you want to know how easy or difficult you can expect the process to be. Preparing the area your Pergola will be placed in is often more difficult than the actual assembly of the Pergola.

Most Pergola kits only require you to assemble the pieces, removing the need to measure and cut lumber (assuming you purchased a Pergola made of wood) or purchase an expensive saw. Usually the skill level required is that of a weekend handyman (or woman). Keep in mind, just because you may have decided to Purchase a Pergola Kit, you almost always have the option to have it assemble for you. Most distributors of Pergola Kits offer on-site assembly or can recommend a qualified handyman to do the job.

What Kind of Base Does a Pergola Require?

Before installing a Pergola Kit, you want to be sure you have a solid, level base to place it on. This can be a concrete patio or wooden deck. The posts must set on a base that has enough strength to support the weight of the Pergola. You always want to be sure to check with your local area to be certain you comply with local building codes.

Shipping Considerations

Most Pergola Kits purchased online are shipped by a motor freight carrier. The common packaging method will usually have the Pergola Kit placed on a pallet and then secured with metal ties and/or some type of plastic wrap. The entire package will likely weigh hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Most motor freight carriers do not unload packages for clients. With this in mind, you may want to arrange to have someone there to help you unload the package when it’s delivered.

Quite a few of today’s Pergola Kits are being constructed out of a number of lighter man-made materials, including vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass. Each of these materials have their pros and cons, but all of them have an advantage over the more traditional Pergolas made of wood. Pergola Kits made of wood are naturally heavier and may therefore be more expensive to have shipped.

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