Pergola Ideas

There are many different options and creative ideas to consider when deciding what you want to do with your Pergola. You may want to consider how you will be using your new Pergola and what you can add to it, to create a space that accommodates all of your recreational needs.

Here are a few Pergola Ideas to consider:

Pergola with a Swing/Seating Area

pergola with swingUsually larger than an arbor but less confining than a gazebo, Pergolas may be as simple as an overhead structure attached to the rear of your house to cover a deck. Or it might be a huge, freestanding structure that’s the main focal point of a yard. Pergolas are effective over paved areas, such as paths, courtyards, and patios.

You can add a swing that hangs from the upper beams of a Pergola, but be sure to make the structure sturdy enough to support the weight of the swing as well as its occupants. A Pergola can be used effectively to elegantly designate a casual seating area while providing comfortable shade without imposing on the natural flow of the area.

Pergola Pedestals/Posts

Pergola posts are often anchored to low concrete footings, yet sometimes they’re just embedded into the ground. Simple support methods will do for small outdoor structures, but with larger Pergolas you’ll need something more substantial. Brick or stone pedestals are a perfect example and are sure to provide an idea resting place to enjoy your beautiful garden or outdoor recreation area.

Open-Top Pergola

An open-top Pergola is a free-standing Pergola that doesn’t feature a complete canopy. It’s also a beautiful way to create a comforting sense of full enclosure while using far less construction materials overhead. There are countless images and examples of open-top Pergolas online.

Post-and-Beam Pergola

A Post-and-Beam Pergola can be the ideal way to blend old and new features. A classical post-and-beam Pergola can be used to join old and new wings of a house, providing a natural, flowing transition from one area to another.

Entry Pergola

An Entry Pergola is a much smaller structure than the traditional size. Adding an Entry Pergola over a stone walkway or mulched pathway is a wonderful way to create a spectacular and inviting entrance to your garden or outdoor recreation area.

Floating Pergola

There’s no limit to creative Pergola ideas. A recent blending of a Pergola and an open-water dock/deck provides a breath-taking place to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, without sacrificing comfort, in the least. Whether you’re losing yourself in a great book, watching the kids swim or entertaining friends, you’re sure to enjoy this creative combination of functionality and fun in the shaded sun.

Ceiling Fans and Lighting

Many Pergola owners who enjoy a breeze have decided to shed some light on their outdoor recreation by installing ceiling fans with lights. Adding this simple feature will provide more temperature control on those steamy Summer days and more light when trying to finish a good book at dusk.

Private Pergolas

If you prefer a little more privacy under your Pergola, dense planting can provide an excellent alternative to lattice-wrapped Pergola walls. In a very short time your climbing plants can fill in nicely, creating a more private and secluded atmosphere to relax in.

Screened-In Pergolas

Depending on the region you live in, there may be quite a few airborne insects and critters flying around that you’d rather not encounter while relaxing in your new Pergola. Screened-in Pergolas provide an ideal solution to keep the insects out and the good times in. After a short period of time, climbing plants can grow over and around your screened-in Pergola, providing a natural appearance that flows with the surrounding garden landscape.

The possibilities for what you can do with a Pergola are virtually endless. Pergolas provide many opportunities to personalize your garden or recreation area to fit your wants and needs. You make take inspiration from a previous suggestion, or better yet, come up with a Pergola Idea of your own.

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