Pergola Designs

Before choosing a Pergola design, one would do well to decide at the start where to build the Pergola and how big or small you want it to be. Pergolas can be built rectangular, circular or even triangular depending on location.

Overall it is best to plan the whole landscape scenario well ahead, as Pergolas have an appealing and dramatic effect on the whole landscaping picture. They enhance the attractiveness and coziness of a garden or a patio by providing shade and a strong frame for climbing plants and hanging flowers.

The wide varieties of Pergola designs available these days makes it easier to find the Pergola that compliments your garden or recreation area in a natural and flowing manner. You can design your garden with a ready-made Pergola design kit or a do-it-yourself Pergola. The option is yours. Here are a few examples of different Pergola Designs.


The Tuscan Style Pergola

tuscan style pergolaA Tuscan-Style Pergola is usually larger and more massive looking than a traditional pergola.

Featuring large columns and heaving rafters, the Tuscan style lends itself to home vineyards and any Italian-esque design scheme.


The Classical-Style Pergola

The classical style pergola features bright, detailed columns and a more intricate rafter grid. Reminiscent of ancient Rome, this style goes well with flower gardens, lush lawns and any yard that has a Victorian feel to it.


The Rustic Style Pergola

cedar pergolaThis is one of the most basic Pergola designs and has been popular for generations. Constructed mostly of cedar or vinyl, the rustic Pergola features solid beams with simple, open rafters and is great for supporting climbing plants. Though simple, rustic Pergolas can add breath-taking light and shade patterns to any deck or yard. This adaptable style can take on different flavors depending on what climbing plants are used, but its best suited to gardens with a rugged, wild or natural feel.


The Free-Standing Pergola

free standing pergolaThe freestanding Pergola can be easily mounted anywhere you desire in your garden setting without the need of any external walls or structures for securing.

They are often built in a square design and with four, six or eight support columns. The freestanding Pergola makes a perfect enclosure for patios, decks, hot tubs, or outdoor living furniture.


The Attached Pergola

wood pergolaThe attached Pergola is designed to secure to your existing house wall, eliminating the need for the second set of posts on the Pergola.

They usually require fewer materials, are cheaper than free standing Pergolas and often are still easy to mount. They create an amazing transition as you walk out of your house into your outdoor garden setting.


The Walkway Pergola

The walkway Pergola enhances your landscape by adding a beautifully decorated open-ended element. They are often used as an enchanting entrance into the garden setting or mounted along your pathway as a beautiful passage. A walkway Pergolas can range from a small arbor-esqe structure to a long extended pathway structure.


The Arched Pergola

arched pergolaThe Arched Pergola can be a standalone structure or it can be attached to your home or building. The arched top makes this Pergola even sturdier to better withstand more undesirable weather, while retaining a graceful appearance that arches invoke. Arched Pergolas can be constructed out of wood, metal, fiberglass and even the more traditional stone that comes to mind when envisioning the origins of the arch.

These are only a few examples of the available Pergola designs to choose from. Keep in mind, there a no set rules when deciding on a style and you are completely free to blend styles and materials to create a custom Pergola that’s just right for you.


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