Pergola Covers

When relaxing under your Pergola, you may find that the climbing plants and lattice are failing to provide enough shade or protection from falling leaves or debris. If you desire more shade or protection, you may want to consider getting a Pergola cover.

If so, you have a quite a few options.

Fabric or Canvas Pergola Covers

There are many types of fabric and canvas Pergola covers on the market. Finding the right style and color to match your decor can sometimes be difficult. Even more difficult can be finding a cover that will last a long time and endure heat, wind and sometimes rain and still maintain a new look. That is why many people are making sure that they purchase or create a cover made of a durable fabric which in most cases, is canvas.

Canvas is a heavy duty fabric that you most often find in many outdoor products including tents, awnings, patio umbrellas, deck chairs and even on the sails of boats. Because it is a thicker and more durable product it works well as a Pergola cover. It’s strong enough to keep the elements out while maintaining a clean and colorful look to your outdoor space.

In addition canvas can be water resistant or treated to become flame retardant so it can be a very safe product to use outdoors. Canvas can also come in many different colors and styles since it is a cotton-based product so the sky is the limit when it comes to changing the look of your Pergola.

Solid Pergola Covers

A solid Pergola cover is usually a large piece of hard plastic or plexiglass that has been secured to the top of the Pergola using a screw-on or clamping system. Sometimes these covers are also made of a thinner metallic material such as tin or copper.

When using a plastic or plexiglass cover, you have the option to purchase one that is clear or transparent, specifically to allow the most sunlight in as possible, while still providing the maximum amount of protection from leaves or falling debris. You could also purchase this type of Pergola cover with a more translucent quality which would only allow a fraction of sunlight through while still providing maximum protection from falling debris. Keep in mind that having a solid Pergola cover like this may trap heat underneath it on particularly warmer days.

Retractable Pergola Covers

Retractable Pergola Covers allow you the shade and protection a solid, permanent Pergola cover would provide, with the freedom to go “cover-less” when the weather calms down and you want to enjoy direct sunlight. Retractable Pergola covers can be powered by a small electric motor, providing the desired protection with the touch of a button, or you can opt for a less-expensive, manually powered (hand-crank) retractable cover. Retractable Pergola covers can be custom-made to fit your Pergolas exact specifications.

There are also adjustable Pergola covers available with the inner-mechanics that resemble those of a mini-blind for a window. When too much sun or wind is making it’s way into your Pergola, you simply turn a mechanism, causing a series of inter-locking panels to close. This type of Pergola cover offers exceptional control over precisely how much sun or wind you want to allow in. This type of Pergola cover provides more protection than a traditional canvas or fabric cover.

Many of these Pergola covers, such as the canvas and solid covers can be created as a “Do-It-Yourself” project. Other more complicated covers with mechanisms and moving parts are probably best left for Pergola cover manufacturers to fabricate. Either way, with so many options you’re sure to find the Pergola cover that’s right for you.

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