Choices in Patio Umbrella Lights

Lighting forms an essential part of the beauty, functionality and security of our homes. This is the case with patio umbrella lights that add all three of these elements into an outdoor area most often used for gatherings of family and friends to enjoy Mother Nature.

But with the wide range of these products, you will be hard-pressed to choose which one is the best. Well, read on and find out the many types of these lights and their possible applications so as to make choosing from among these products so much easier.

Power Sources

Depending on your preference in terms of ease of installation, monthly costs and overall effect, you have three choices in power sources of umbrella lights. First, electric-powered umbrella lights must be connected to the main grid to be of any use. You may need the services of an electrician so as to avoid any accidents related to the installation.

Second, battery-powered patio umbrella lights use rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries. Their main benefit is portability since the umbrella can be transferred from, say, the patio to the garden, if desired.

Third, solar lights are becoming more popular because of pocket-friendly and environment-friendly attributes. However, these lights must be placed in an area with the maximum sunlight so as to provide adequate lighting at night.

Light Types

In terms of the bulbs used for patio umbrella lights, there are two choices. The LED lights are more popular by virtue of their energy-efficient and longer-lasting lifespan. Plus, LED lights don’t burn as hot or look as attractive to insects.

The incandescent lights are also popular mainly because of their affordable costs and variable wattages. Their traditional look is also a come-on to homeowners who want to avoid the glare of some LED lights.

Beautiful Styles

When we speak of styles for the umbrella lights, we mainly refer to the shape of the bulbs. Thus, you can choose from small string lights for their firefly effect to chandelier lights for their formal effect. Your choice depends on the desired ambience for the outdoor area, which can be casual, semi-formal or formal depending on the occasion.

String lights can be attached to the ribs of the umbrella, thus, providing for the romantic firefly look. With its wide variety of color and style options, you can achieve various looks depending on your mood for the night.

Chandelier lights are larger than the string lights. Instead of being weaved through the ribs of the umbrella, these mini-chandeliers are hung using special hooks. Keep in mind that patio umbrellas are not necessarily round in shape, thus, the suitability of lights other than the string type.

Lamp lights, which are also called globe lights, look like lanterns attached to the umbrella pole itself. These lights may contain a single light or multiple lights, thus, giving the pole the appearance of a lamppost.

You can light up your house at night with these patio umbrella lights. The fact that these are easy to install and maintain while providing for the abovementioned benefits only make these lights more attractive to homeowners.

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