A Patio Heater Wheel Kit Is The Perfect Accessory

If you own a tall patio heater, you know how heavy it is and how hard it is to move it around your outdoor living space. It is not unusual to want to rearrange your outdoor furniture for parties, cookouts, intimate gatherings, or simply to change things up a bit. But having a large patio heater that is not mobile can make it hard to move the furniture around any way you want.

This is why purchasing a patio heater wheel kit is a great investment.

Make Your Heater Portable

The most common complaint of patio heater owners is that their heater is hard to nearly impossible to move. That means once you put it in place, there it must stay. If you need to move your outdoor furniture around to accommodate a larger than normal amount of guests, or perhaps you want to move things in closer together to accommodate a small and intimate gathering, it is out of the question without a means to move the patio heater. This is where a patio heater wheel kit comes in handy.

A heater wheel kit is an accessory that is sold separately from the heater. It comes with everything that is needed, except tools, to add wheels to your patio heater. The majority of kits have two wheels and two stationary legs that attach to the bottom of the heater. The homeowner simply tilts the heater onto the wheels, lifting up the stationary legs, and pushes the heater to its new location. Having a wheeled base will make it much easier to move your patio heater around your outdoor living space, or to different places around your yard.

Cost Of A Patio Heater Wheel Kit

The cost of a heater wheel kit varies, depending on what type of wheels the kit has, and what patio heater the kit is for. The average price falls between $20 and $50. Of course, there are some wheel kits that are cheaper, and some that are more expensive. But having the ability to move your patio heater around is worth the price.

How To Install A Wheel Kit Onto Your Patio Heater

Instructions will be provided with your patio heater wheel kit, as well as all the parts needed to put the kit together. You will need to have the tools necessary, including a drill. The majority of wheel kits are very simple to install, by screwing it into position on the base of the patio heater. Experts recommend reading through the instructions first, and then going back and following the instructions step by step to install the wheel kit.

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