Patio Heater Accessories Enhance Your Outdoor Heater

A patio heater is a small heater that is usually perched on top of a pole that will warm the air within a 20 foot radius. These are often preferable to bon fires and fire pits because there is no open flame and the level of heat can be quickly and easily adjusted with the turn of a knob.

A patio heater is a great way to extend the use of your outdoor living space, especially on a patio or deck. A patio heater is perfect for chilly autumn afternoons, cool summer evenings, and refreshing spring days. Some people will even use their patio heater throughout the winter months. To make your outdoor experience even better, patio heater accessories will enhance your outdoor heater.


One of the most popular patio heater accessories are tables. These are small, circular tables that fit around the heater pole at about waist height. These tables create a warm gathering place that can be used all year round. There are a variety of styles and materials used to make these tables, ensuring you can find one that will match your outdoor décor and personal style. These tables can be made of wood or metal, and will have a smooth or a textured finish.

Wheel kits

If you have a large outdoor space and want the option to easily move your heater around to different areas, wheel kits are perfect patio heater accessories. Patio heater wheel kits provide the ability to easily move your patio heater, with the combination of having a stable base so it will stay put when you want it to. Tip the heater slightly onto the wheels to push and pull the heater into the position you’d like. When the heater is in place, stand it upright and it will stay in place.

Floor Clamps

For homeowners or business owners that want their patio heaters to stay in one place, floor clamps can be purchased. These will secure the heater in position, where it will withstand high winds and even bumps and bangs from people or small machinery items like lawn mowers.


To protect your patio heater and make it last longer, a cover is essential. You can purchase a full size cover that will enclose the entire heater, or a half size cover that only covers the heating element on top.

While investing in a patio heater may seem too expensive for some people, having the ability to purchase patio heater accessories to make these heaters more usable makes the price more worth it.

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