The Right Patio Enclosures for You

When you know that you want to enclose your patio, it’s time to decide exactly what type of enclosure is right for you.

While this may seem like a basic question, there are actually many options when it comes to patio enclosures and choosing the one you’ll be happiest with can seem difficult. Fortunately, if you ask the right questions, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Temporary or Permanent

One important question that comes up when you’re evaluating patio enclosures is whether you want one that will stay up year round, or if you want something that is at least partially removable. If you prefer to have your usual, open patio in the summer, you’ll need to make a different choice than if you’re thinking of your closed patio as a sunroom.

If you only want a temporary enclosure, consider patio screens. If you want something that is partially removable, consider an option with large windows that open wide. On the other hand, if you want something permanent, you may choose to build walls around your patio and install large windows to allow the light in.

Heated or Unheated Patio Enclosures

Another important question to think about is the times of year that you would like to be able to use your patio enclosures. Some people choose to stay out of them in the late fall, winter, and early spring, and so do not need to consider heating options. But if you want to use the room year round and you live in a location where it gets chilly, you’ll want to determine how to heat the room.

If you have central heating, it’s always an option to attach your patio enclosure to the same system. This will cost a little more, but it can be the most efficient way to heat a room. On the other hand, some people choose to use space heaters, so they don’t have to heat the room all the time and can choose the parts of it they do want heated.

A Room or a Patio

Another important thing to think about before you choose the patio enclosures that are right for you is how you think about your new room. Some people see an enclosed patio as an extension of the house. They plan to furnish the new room along the lines of the rest of the house, and see it as a little more space for their family.

Other people still see an enclosed patio as a patio, even though they can use it more of the year when it’s closed. These people often still furnish it with patio furniture like a patio, and use it more like a room that is outdoors than one that is inside.

Think through the options discussed here, and you should have a good idea about what you’re looking for when it comes to patio enclosures. Then, you can talk to a pre-approved local contractor or to a manufacturer directly and order your new patio enclosure. Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself on your patio regardless of the temperature and the weather.

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