Contemporary Patio Designs Ideas

When we speak of contemporary designs, the first thing that often comes to mind is often too-cold, too-clean and too-minimalist decor that are not applicable to the traditional ideas of patio design.

This is because we believe that patios should be possessed of warmth, coziness and comfort such that family and friends who come a-visiting will be encouraged to sit back, relax and enjoy their time spent in your home. But it seems that contemporary design and patio area do not mix.

Think again! You can design your patio in a contemporary manner and yet skip on its stereotypical perception of coldness. With tweaks here and there while still adhering to the basic rules of contemporary design, you can have a patio with a modern vibe balanced with a welcoming atmosphere. Here’s how…

Bold Colors Against A Neutral Background

You must start with the main color palette of the patio design with contemporary designs focusing on neutrals, black or white as the main color for the background. To avoid uniformity in the color, bright and bold slashes and dashes of either strong or pastels colors are added to the area. Reds, greens and blues in varying hues add the punch to the patio.

Conversely, it can be that the wall of the patio is in a bright and bold color while the furniture pieces are in neutrals, black or white. Keep in mind that contemporary design works on the play between neutral and bold colors in a way that offsets each one instead of making them clash in tacky ways.

Clean Lines and Bare Spaces

Contemporary patio design also focuses on two things, namely, clean lines and bare spaces. You will not find too many curves and curlicues in contemporary design since the emphasis is always on straight lines with a minimum of fuss. The result is that the eyes are given a break from the clutter of baroque styles.

Even the bare walls serve the function of letting the eyes enjoy the serenity of a blank canvas. The walls often boast just one or two attractive hangings with bold colors and geometric shapes but not much else. In contemporary design, less is more.

This is not to say that when you are conceptualizing the patio design that the walls are bare as to be induce sleep-inducing boredom. Instead, the wall of the patio has a conversation piece that draws the eye and then stimulates the mind. (In case you were wondering why a patio has walls, take note that it is attached to the side of the house although many homeowners can also choose to enclose the space for year-round use)

And of course, the pieces of patio furniture should also adhere to the contemporary style. Go for pieces with clean lines, geometric shapes and solid color blocks in either bold or neutral colors depending on the walls. The cushions on the furniture need not look too uncomfortable to sit on – soft leather, luxurious silk and sensuous cotton all add the welcoming vibe in the contemporary ambience of the patio.

To sum up, contemporary patio design is characterized by the simple, clean and minimalist look without the curves, decorations and trims that take away from the beauty of the area on its own. Less is more, indeed.

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