Benefits of Patio Awnings Covers

Patio awnings covers have been popular in Europe for quite a long time, mainly due to the higher cost of energy which makes air conditioning very expensive.

As such, the best alternative to keep a home cool during scorching weather has been found to be a patio awning.

However, an increasing number of homeowners in the US are now turning to patio awnings covers to protect their homes from the weather.

Why Patio Awnings Covers?

Patio awnings covers offer a number of benefits to homeowners, including the ability to protect against the weather. A retractable patio awning allows you to protect your home from extreme heat and thus save on energy costs. Essentially, a patio awning will cover your windows and doors so that direct sunlight can’t penetrate. This not only keeps your home cooler but it also can protect your furniture and carpets from sunlight damage.

Additionally, your children and pets can play under patio awnings covers without you having to worry about excessive exposure to sunlight. In fact, lab tests have been conducted that showed the temperature below patio awnings to be approximately 20 degrees lower than surrounding areas.

Types of Patio Awnings Covers

There are two main types of patio awnings covers, manual awnings and motorized retractable awnings. As you can imagine, manual models tend to be cheaper than their motorized counterparts and they can easily be adapted to any patio. They also feature support arms that can either be rested against the building, at an angle, or on the floor, when the awning is extended.

These support arms help add to the stability of the awning in windy conditions, which is why those who live in windy areas often prefer manual patio awnings covers. The support arms also allow for the attachment of various accessories as well.

Patio awnings covers that are motorized feature an electric motor, which is usually found in the roller bar and they come with retractable lateral arms instead of vertical support bars. The result is that they tend to be more susceptible to wind unless you purchase a unit with a wind sensor, which will retract the awning once the wind gets too intense. Of course, this involves a higher cost.

Patio awnings covers can be made from a wide range of fabrics, corrugated fiberglass or polycarbonate, aluminum and many other materials.

Aluminum patio awnings covers tend to be the favorite option for homes because they have proven to be the most efficient and cost-effective at keeping the temperature down in the home. They are available in a wide range of colors, being painted with enamel paint that is baked on. They also have a long life-span, of over 40 years, which is another reason for their popularity.

There are many types of patio awnings covers available and the one you choose depends greatly on the weather conditions in the area you live in, your budget and much more. However, if you want to lower your energy costs, while protecting your furniture and carpets, you really should consider installing an awning.

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