Outdoor String Lighting

Outdoor string lighting has really taken off over the past few years. You can get decorative string lights in any shape, form, or color you can imagine.

There are unique and creative lights for every holiday and theme under the sun – from chili peppers, to cactus, to flags, to brightly colored balls, to santa claus heads…

Because there are so many variations you can usually find them pretty cheap at any major store.


Solar String Lights

string lights, string lighting, party lights Solar string lights are one step better. Because they are solar you can place them anywhere now.

In the past you were always limited to placing the lights near an electrical outlet. This is no longer a concern…

Since a solar lights string does not have to be attached to a power source you can place them virtually anywhere.

  • Hang them from the eaves of your house.
  • Hang them along your deck railing.
  • Drape them over your arbor.
  • Wrap them around the base of a tree.
  • String them along a walkway.


Installing Solar String Lights

Depending on what brand you buy, most solar string lights come with a solar panel that you simply stake in the ground and attach the lights to.

You just have to make sure you place them in an area that will receive a fair amount of sunlight during the day.

What could be easier than that??

Outdoor string lighting allows you to add your own unique touch to your exterior lighting elements.

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