Outdoor Solar Lighting

Think green. Outdoor solar lighting is a great option if you are environmentally conscious or just simply practical and want to save money on your utility bill.

The popularity of solar yard lights increases every day, and why not.

Concerned by high energy bills?

That’s the beauty of using outdoor solar lighting, you get the light – free. Well, almost… you do have to actually buy the light fixtures.

All this with no wiring required. Soft and subtle, solar yard lights may be just what you’re looking for.


Advantages of Using Outdoor Solar Lighting

solar light, solar powered light, landscape light, landscape lighting, yard light Among its many advantages are:

  • Landscape lighting:Here is your option when you want to accent that driveway, brighten your pathways, and illuminate those steps.
  • Garden Decor:You’ve spent time, effort, and dollars landscaping your yard. You deserve to have your efforts shine at night. Strategically placed solar outdoor lighting will focus attention on your handy work.
  • Mobile Decorating:One of the greatest advantages of solar yard lights is their portability. You can redecorate your yard simply by moving your solar light to a different location.
  • Inexpensive maintenance: The natural lighting of solar lights captures the energy of the sun and turns that energy into soft and gentle lighting at night, all without wiring or electricity.

But the most practical reason for using solar outdoor lighting is that it is one of the most practical and least expensive lighting sources available.


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Easy to Install

By using solar lighting you can not only make your home safer, bring attention to your unique architectural features and landscaping, but installation is an easy project.

The only tool you need to install this functional light source is a screwdriver and usually in less than an hour’s time.

Low voltage outdoor lighting systems are shockless and safe for use around children and pets.


Disadvantages of Outdoor Solar Lights

While there are many advantages to your selecting outdoor solar lighting you may want to keep in mind some of limitations inherent in this selection.

Chief among those are the low light output. In general outdoor solar lighting does not generate the same level of lighting available through the use of either battery powered lighting or 120 volt hard wired lighting.

One other factor to keep in mind is that the solar power source usually only allows for lighting that lasts no longer than 8 – 10 hours before requiring recharging.


Outdoor Solar Lighting – Final Thoughts

Solar outdoor lighting is the simplest and safest way to light to the landscape environment. Solar powered lighting requires no electricity, wiring or transformers.

The cost savings over conventional 12v and 120v outdoor lighting truly will pay for itself.

The solar cells simply collect sunlight during the day and recharges the lithium batteries. Each unit has a photo control so that the lights automatically come on at dusk.

The normal operating “discharge” time is 8-10 hours when fully charged. The lights then recharge themselves again during the next day.

So, why not enjoy the power of the sun… at night!

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