Tips for Choosing Outdoor Pole Lights

Outdoor pole lights serve functional and ornamental functions in gardens, parks and homes. On one hand, these lighting fixtures provide sufficient illumination for the area, which contributes to its level of relative safety at night.

On the other hand, even a single pole light adds ambience to the surroundings such as when it is located near a bench.

But with the variety of options available for these lighting fixtures, choosing the best one for the place can be easier said than done. Well, stop going around the home improvement store without a plan in mind by knowing the choices available and the tips in selecting the one for your garden.

Types of Outdoor Lights

Pole lights come in various sizes, shapes and heights. There are standard poles best suited for public parks and large private gardens mainly because of their tall heights, stately designs and elaborate shapes. Most home gardens will not be suitable for these large poles so another option must be found.

Said option can be found in the mini-outdoor pole lighting fixtures. Although the designs may be similar, the heights and sizes are smaller than the standard poles, which prevent the small garden being overpowered by giant lighting fixtures. Plus, these are more affordable than the standard varieties.

Pole lights also come in two varieties depending on the source of power. First, the electrical-powered lights must be connected by wires to the main grid from their outdoor location and, hence, ideally should have low voltage to prevent electrocution accidents.

Second, solar outdoor lights mounted on poles are obviously powered by the most renewable energy source known to man – the sun. These lighting fixtures must be positioned in areas receiving maximum sunlight to be of any use. In many cases, the brightness of solar lights may be weaker than those from electrical lights.

So, your choice in these lighting fixtures will now boil down to the desired styles suitable for your landscaping vision.

Tips in Selecting Your Outdoor Pole Lights

When choosing from among rows upon rows of light poles in the home improvement store and site, you have to remember that the demands for outdoor lighting are different from those related to indoor lighting. Keep these things in mind:

First, determine the exact location where the light poles will be installed. For electrical-powered poles, wiring matters must be mapped out beforehand while for the solar-powered ones, areas with maximum sunlight must be identified first.

Second, decide on the height of the post, the shape of the glass enclosure and the size of the post itself. The height determines the area of illumination with the general rule being that the higher the post, the lesser the degree of brightness immediately below the post but the circumference of the lighted area is larger.

Third, choose the light poles with the desired design details like the type of finish (wood, bronze and copper), the security measures (with or without grills surrounding the glass enclosure) and other ornamental matters.

Choosing pole lights should be an easy matter once you have set your heart on a certain vision for the garden or park. You can even ask manufacturers to produce custom-made light poles, if you have the budget for it. But since most light poles on the market are beautiful and functional, most homeowners choose to save on the costs.

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