Three Simple Outdoor Patio Ideas

Outdoor patio ideas are a dime a dozen especially when online search engines are used. The difficulty lies in sifting through the chaff to get at then wheat, so to speak, with the thousands of possible ideas.

We always suggest going for simplicity because of the ease, convenience and affordability of the ideas associated with it, not to mention that it is always better to start with something doable given your skill level as a decorator and then building on your gains later on.

Here then are three simple smashingly successful ideas for decorating an outdoor patio. If possible, you must make a rough artist sketch of how the outdoor patio will look like with each combination of these three outdoor patio ideas. It’s also always better to see something even if it’s only on paper instead of relying on your mind’s eye.


Let’s start with the flooring ideas, mainly because the eyes naturally move from the floor up to the skyline in an outdoor patio. If you can make a good first impression, you have half of your job done well. Besides, the floor is the most permanent part of the outdoor patio so careful thought must be poured into it.

The most common flooring materials used are stamped concrete, marble, outdoor patio tile, bricks, patio pavers, sandstone and flagstone along with wood. Each one has its own qualities that must be considered in terms of durability, functionality and beauty, in that order. For example, a brick floor has a whimsical look while a wood floor makes for a warm welcome.

Patio Furniture

Of course, outdoor patio ideas will be incomplete without mentioning the imperative for putting the perfect pieces of patio furniture in the area. Even if said patio furniture pieces consist of nothing more than a simple wooden table and two chairs, the most important thing is to make sure that these are durable, functional and appeal to your personal preferences.

For example, a rustic look can be achieved with a brick floor on top of which are placed rattan and wicker furniture. A contemporary look will be a concrete floor with metal outdoor furniture. You may even choose to go for an eclectic look if that’s your style.

Patio Lighting

One of the more overlooked but very useful outdoor patio ideas is patio lighting. You can easily change the ambience of your outdoor patio with the simple flick of the lever or the turning of the knob. Your outdoor patio can become the party place for your family and friends tonight using something fun like outdoor string lighting, and then transform it to a romantic place for an anniversary dinner for two tomorrow, all through playing with the lights.

You need not install one too many lights on the patio because then it will feel like Christmas the whole year-round. It may look cute at first but the appeal will quickly fade once the tackiness of the place sets in and the electricity bill comes in the mailbox.

Start with these outdoor patio ideas. You will soon realize that it is easy to transform your drab outdoor patio from drab to fab with the addition of durable flooring accents, stylish pieces of furniture and versatile lights, all for little to no cost if and when you know how to repurpose, recycle and bargain.

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