Outdoor Patio Heaters

Outdoor patio heaters are an affordable tool that allows you to enjoy your patio or deck year round.

  • No more waiting on Spring so you can have a cookout…
  • No more loud Winter get togethers with everyone cramped in your home…

A patio heater offers you the freedom and joy of using your patio or deck during the colder months with out the chill of winter nipping at your nose.

Outdoor patio heaters will allow you to create a warm and cozy area for entertaining or for family time. The brisk winter weather that keeps you indoors is a thing of the past when you get an outdoor heater to warm up your outdoor area.


What Type Do You Need?

outdoor patio heater, patio heater, patio heaters These heaters come in a variety of styles for residential use and utilize different types of fuel. There are table top, wall mounted, stand-up varieties and even small portable patio heaters. Using electric, gas, propane, wood, charcoal and artificial logs they do a fantastic job of keeping your patio warm for whatever use you have in mind.

How many times have you wished you could use your patio in the winter? Well, now you can and the family will love being able to spend time outdoors even when the weather is cold. The heaters are also available in a variety of prices so there will be one that will fit your budget.

When you are ready to choose the type of outdoor patio heater you want, keep in mind the area in which it will be used. Do you have a large patio or just a small one? A patio heater will come in a whole range of sizes from the very large producing 44,000 BTUs of heat to a small portable one that can produce 11,000 BTUs. This will allow you to choose the right one for your area.


Popular Residential Patio heaters

Propane Patio Heaters
If you are looking for an outdoor patio heater for your home patio or deck, you will find some of the most popular are propane patio heaters. They are chosen for a variety of reasons. One is the base is typically where the propane tank is stored, so this lessens the risk of it tipping over. However, in the event that it should accidentally get knocked over, most heaters will automatically shut off.

These outdoor patio heaters can be turned on by simply pushing a button, immediately producing warmth that will allow you to enjoy the evening on your patio. This type of heater typically emits heat up to a 15 feet area around the heater. An adjustment will allow you to dial the amount of heat needed for the level of comfort you desire.

Gas Patio Heaters
If you want a cleaner burning option, gas patio heaters burns natural gas and are very effective. They come in many of the same styles and options as propane heaters.

Most of the standing outdoor patio heaters have wheels so they may be moved from one area of the patio to another with ease. They use the same basic propane tank as a barbecue grill so they are not hard to find or get filled. Many people choose the stainless steel variety because they hold up to the weather very well.

Electric Patio Heaters
If you don’t like the idea of burning fuel, you can always get an electric patio heater. Electric heaters offer a safe heater that requires minimal maintenance.

Table Top Patio Heaters
Another popular type is the table top patio heater. These are made of a variety of materials such as copper and steel. They use a disposable propane tank – usually a one pound type – such as the ones used with portable grills. They have an automatic shut-off in case of being tipped over and many are adjustable up to 11,000 BTUs.

A patio heater can be just what you need to enable you to use your patio in the fall, winter and early spring. For those cool evenings and nights when you have a taste for a grilled steak, simply turn on your heater, pull out the barbecue and grill away. You will love being able to use your patio again, even in the middle of winter.

If you plan on using your patio a lot, investing in a little more expensive patio heater can be the better choice. It will hold up to a lot of cool evenings and the time you spend on your patio will be a nice change from sitting inside all winter. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy your new found living space with the help of an outdoor patio heater.

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