Outdoor Party Lighting – Fun on a String!

You’re probably wondering what outdoor party lighting is, and why should you care. Can’t blame you…

But, once you realize how much fun and excitement inexpensive party lights can add to your next get together, you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t bought some sooner.

Planning a themed party?

You’re in luck! You can find party lighting in almost any theme you can imagine.

From little cactus lights, to lights in the shape of cars, to lights that look like hotdogs…

…there is a themed party light for any occasion.


Choices of Party Lights

outdoor party lighting, party lights, string lights, yard lights Hmmm, outdoor party lighting, what a great idea. Where do I start? What’s available? How much work will I need to do? Let’s see…

The range of available choices include – string and bulb lighting, mini, rope, and globe style lighting. These colorful lighting options are available in an array of bulb colors, shapes, and styles.

Another, more traditional, type of outdoor party lighting is known as novelty lighting. Choices here allow you to take your party to the next level. Another way to look at novelty lighting is to see them as theme lighting.

Fourth of July, birthdays, sports, whatever your theme you can find that just right light in a variety of shapes and colors.

Looking for a different look? You can also get party lights that look like paper lanterns.

If you’re looking for some a little more upscale there are also more classy party lights that come in a wide range of shapes including flower shapes, rustic, wicker, and solid yard bulbs.


Outdoor Party Lighting – Is It For You?

party lights, outdoor party lighting, string lights As you can tell there really is no limit to your choices.

One of the benefits of using outdoor party lighting is its ease of installation. Most party lights look similar to Christmas lights in that they are basically just a string of lights, so they are very easy to put up.

You can also be creative with your party lights and wrap them through your deck railing, or wrap them around the trunk of a tree, or even hang them on your storage shed and create a theme throughout your backyard.


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