Outdoor Lighting Ideas

There are many different ways you can use lighting to create a certain type of atmosphere in your outdoor living spaces.

Whether you’re looking for lighting that is utilitarian, creates a certain mood, or that is just plain fun, these outdoor lighting ideas are sure to help you get the most mileage out of your garden lights.

With all the wide variety of outdoor lighting on the market these days you can surely find something that you can use to create you own one of a kind look.

Use Lighting to Define Boundaries

One of the most popular and frequently used outdoor lighting ideas is to use staked lights to illuminate and define pathways and boundaries. But that isn’t the only way you can use lights to identify boundaries. There are rope lights that can be used to edge walkways just as well as any stake lights could do. You can also use rope lights or other strings of light to illuminate railing on decks and handrails on outdoor stairs or steps.

Use Lighting for Fun Atmosphere

This is popular with families that have small children or that are just beginning to explore life after children and want to add a little fun and pizzazz into their garden area. There are all kinds of fun and funky string and net lights that are available to buy online and in retail garden stores.

You can create almost any theme that comes to mind and hang brightly colored lights around your garden area to promote that theme. From Tiki bar themes to fairies, frogs, and dragon flies there are all kinds of themes that can be created in your garden with the help of these fun and festive lights.

Purposeful Lighting for Your Garden

One other thing you should never overlook when coming up with outdoor garden lighting ideas of your own is the importance of useful lighting for your outdoor living areas as well. There are many reasons to have bright overhead lights available even if you aren’t always using them when you’re enjoying your time outside. These lights provide important light to help you accomplish certain tasks even after you’ve “run out” of daylight. They also can provide important security for your family and make your home unattractive to intruders if you use motion sensor lights for protection.

Also keep in mind that certain areas where you and your guests are likely to congregate for evening entertainment outdoors are best served with adequate lighting so that you can see the food on your plates and the drink glasses or cups in front of you.

Even lighting that serves a purpose though can be enjoyable. Keep this in mind and choose lighting that works with the garden theme you’ve attempted to recreate for best results.

With so many great outdoor lighting ideas it may be difficult to focus on one and make it consistent throughout your garden. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to. You can pick and choose the best things about different types of lighting features and incorporate them all into your outdoor living area to make it completely an area of your very own. You’re the one who needs to enjoy the space you create most, after all.

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