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By now you have likely noticed the growing trend of the outdoor kitchen for both new and existing homes.

The simple grill on the patio or deck is no longer enough to provide the entertaining atmosphere some homeowners are looking for.

Now-a-days homeowners are looking for that wow factor that can not be found with the styles of the past.

You may have noticed the evolution over the past decade or so, from charcoal to gas grills, then to stainless steel grills, and also new and innovative advances in both decking and patio materials…

…outdoor kitchens are the next stage of the backyard evolution.


What is a Backyard Kitchen?

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Quite simply, you can now get all the features of your home’s (indoor) kitchen – outdoors.

You can get them complete with all the amenities and features you need so you can prepare an entire meal outdoors without having to run back and forth inside your house to make preparations, get dishes, etc..

It’s up to you and your needs (or wants) to determine what all features are right for you.

As these backyard kitchens have grown in popularity there have been a number of manufacturers to introduce a wide variety of options from the basic all-in-one units to the elaborate units that you buy in pieces.


Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Manufacturers have also brought a variety of outdoor appliances to market to compliment the kitchens.

You have a variety of options that are available to you such as sinks, disposals, refrigerators, wine racks, grills, warming racks, and on and on…

Follow this link to learn more about outdoor kitchen appliances.


Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Ideas

If you want to create your own unique look you can get a set of backyard kitchen plans and have a contractor create your design for you, or put on your DIY hat and tackle the job yourself.

If you are interested in going this route – you will not want to miss this additional information on outdoor kitchen plans.

If you prefer not to go the custom build route, you can always buy a ready made backyard kitchen set.

Which ever route you choose, there are a number of backyard kitchen designs you should be aware of if this is your choice.

  • Bar Shape
  • U-Shape
  • L-Shape

Each design creates its own distinctive look and most name brand manufacturers offer add-ons that allow you to mix and match to get all the features that you are looking for in your backyard kitchen.

For instance, you can get varying sizes of backyard kitchen islands depending on how many appliances and other cool features you plan to include.

Before you make your purchase or building decision make sure to take these backyard kitchen ideas into consideration.

Looking for More Ideas??

Visit our backyard kitchen pictures gallery.


What about Storage?

No worries. There are plenty of storage options available as well.

There are a variety of outdoor cabinets that are offered on the market today. Many of these outdoor cabinets are constructed with different materials such as:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Polymer
  • Wood
  • Masonry

To learn more about each of these types of cabinets check out outdoor cabinets.


Things to Consider

Also, don’t forget one of the important features of any backyard kitchen is the perfect outdoor lighting.

You want to be sure to have enough light to be able to cook by, but you also want to be able to turn some of the lights off, or have a dimmer, so you can dim the lights to a soft glow when you are eating and entertaining.

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