Outdoor Kitchen Designs

There are a number of outdoor kitchen designs that you can choose from to keep up with the fad that has been growing like wild fire over the past couple of years.

Most people like to take advantage of the good weather by spending time outdoors.

It just makes sense that if you are going to spend time lounging by the pool or hanging out on the deck or patio with friends that you have a kitchen you can access easily without having to go indoors.

Outdoor kitchens aren’t necessarily cheap however, and you can spend at least a few thousand dollars designing one. If you do decide that the cost is worth it, here are some pointers on how to build your own outdoor kitchen.


4 Outdoor Kitchen Designs

When trying to decide between the available outdoor kitchen designs you will discover that there are mainly three types.

Bar Shape
If you want the cheapest type then you should look at the bar shape. This style will include just about everything you need such as a grill, storage space and a sink.

outdoor kitchen, backyard kitchen, grill Another shape to choose from is the L-shape which has everything above but also has some other features associated with a bar.

This includes more space to store items, a countertop and some bar stools. The L-shape will cost you a bit more but you might find that the extra cost is worth it.

outdoor kitchen, backyard kitchen, grill If you want a unique look then choose a U-shape and you’ll enjoy even more storage space, cooking area and more space for people to sit.

The U-shape, more than the other outdoor kitchen designs, provides an open and welcoming feel to it.

Custom Build
outdoor kitchen, backyard kitchen, grill The last alternative is you take your own ideas and custom build it the way you want it. This can be achieved by having a contractor build it to your specifications, or put your DIY hat on and do it yourself.

All you need is a good idea and a set of outdoor kitchen plans.


Things to Consider

There are also many extra options to think about when choosing which of these outdoor kitchen designs will meet your needs.

You need to consider which outdoor kitchen appliances such as grills, sinks, outdoor fireplace, patio heaters, and outdoor fans you want to incorporate.


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