Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

No outdoor kitchen is complete without the addition of some key outdoor kitchen appliances. What better way to enjoy your outdoor cooking experience than to have everything you need all in one spot?

The great thing about cooking outdoors is the ambiance it creates. The smell of the grill, the enjoyable time everyone has, and the overall good feeling everyone experiences from spending time together outdoors.

The type of outdoor kitchen you have will decide what type of appliances you will need.

The following is a selection of popular outdoor kitchen appliances…

Refrigerators and Ice Chests
Having an outdoor refrigerator and ice chest as part of your outdoor kitchen eliminates a lot of running back and forth in doors to get items you may have forgot. Outdoor kitchens come in different sizes and are typically stainless steel in order to combat the elements.

You may also include a appliances for entertaining such as coolers and bar caddy’s which some people choose to add to their outdoor kitchen. Whether you want it for entertaining or if it is just something you want installed for yourself this is an outdoor kitchen appliance you may want to consider.

Drop In Grills
If you are building your own backyard kitchen you will need a drop in grill to fit into the outdoor kitchen island. These grills have all the features of a normal grill, only they do not have a base. They are meant to rest into the island or countertop of your backyard kitchen.

Side Burners
As any grilling expert can attest – not everything you eat at a cookout can be grilled. Somethings need to be cooked in a more controlled manner. That’s why you don’t want to leave side burners off your outdoor kitchen appliances wish list.

Warming Drawers
Warming drawers are a popular outdoor kitchen appliance. Warming drawers allow you to keep all your buns and breads warm. You can also keep side dishes warm while you wait for the rest of the meal to be prepared.

Storage Drawers
Another popular item to incorporate into your outdoor kitchen is the use of storage drawers. You will need a place to store all your grilling tools and utensils.

What kitchen would be complete without a sink? Having a source of water readily available makes food preparation and clean up a snap.

Which Outdoor Kitchen Appliances Should I Choose?

Which appliances you choose depends on how you plan to use your outdoor kitchen and your budget. You should keep both of these things in mind when deciding on what to include.

If you enjoy grilling out and entertain on a regular basis you may want to incorporate some or all of the appliances listed here. If you only grill on occassion, you can probably get by with just the basics.

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