Outdoor Flood Lights – Secure Your Yard

Outdoor flood lights are one of the most useful of your exterior home lighting options.

Just as the name implies, this high powered option literally floods the selected area with illumination.

Want to light up your backyard? Flood lights are for you.

Need some extra light to play basketball in the driveway? You may want to check out flood lights.

There are endless uses for this very effective source of lighting. Use them anywhere you require a generous amount of light outside of your home…


How Much Light Comes from a Flood Light?

Just how powerful can it be? The next time you watch a night-time sporting event on TV pay close attention to the effect lighting has on your view…

That’s the power of flood lighting as an exterior home lighting option.

Now you’re not going to be hosting a professional team playing in your yard. But you may want to play touch football or volleyball with friends at night. And to do so you require a well lit area; not at all unlike the lighting effect used in your favorite sporting event.

To make the area of your yard as bright as possible, making your lawn game both enjoyable and possible you should consider adding outdoor flood lights.


Outdoor Flood Lights – Points to Consider

It is important to remember that there are some key factors to be considered before you can enjoy your new outdoor flood lights.

Proper fixture selection, fixture positioning, and light distribution patterns are among the many factors that should be considered when designing any flood lighting application.

Other considerations for selecting outdoor flood lights include:

  • Safety:Proper lighting will keep the kids safe and aware of all the hazards in your yard.
  • Illumination: If you spend a great deal of time at night in your yard doing a variety of activities you will want the best lighting possible. Flood lighting is your best source for overall brightness.
  • Protection: One of the best deterrents to burglars is having them be seen. A yard covered in the illumination of flood lighting stops crime in its tracks. Simply put easy to install motion sensors around your yard and at the first sign of movement the lights come on.

As with any lighting choice there are things you also must consider. They include:

  • Neighbors:Depending on how your home is situated with other homes around you, you need to be sure that your flood lighting doesn’t interfere with your neighbors lifestyle. These are very bright lights so a little pre-planning is in order.
  • Installation: Should you choose flood lighting as an option for a smaller yard you probably can install them yourself. But if you have a larger area you may need professional installation. Be sure to read the manufacturers recommendations for installation.
  • Cost to run: Typically, flood lights do cost a bit more to run than less powerful lighting options, but you also get more bang for your buck.
  • Too much lighting: It’s really important to note that yes, you can have too much lighting.


Final Thoughts on Outdoor Flood Lights

An exterior home lighting plan that incorporates outdoor flood lights provides the best of all worlds, turning night into day.

This choice gives you the option to entertain outdoors, to cover an area with illumination bright enough to play in, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can see what’s going on in your yard.

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