Outdoor Chimineas

What are outdoor chimineas and why should you want to own one?

They are a type of contained fireplace that can be placed on your patio or in your garden.

These outdoor heaters originated in Mexico as a way to provide warmth on cold nights. However, they also have grills that can be used to cook foods.

The benefits of owning an outdoor chiminea include providing warmth to an outdoor entertaining area or patio on cooler nights, but they can also add a lovely decorative touch.


Chiminea or Fire Pit?

Many people might be confused and want to know the difference between a fire pit and a chiminea. In most cases, the design will be the primary difference, along with how the fire is contained within that design.

A chiminea is designed to contain the fire in the base of a rounded bowl and funnel smoke up through its own chimney, while a fire pit is more like an open fire.


Outdoor Chiminea Styles

Outdoor chimineas can be very stylish indeed. Because designers have really revved up their creativity, there are many different styles, patterns, shapes and designs that can be used to make your outdoor space warm and inviting. Chimineas can be purchased in cast iron, clay, or copper designs. Neither is any better than the other, but they can provide a different theme for your patio or garden.


Clay Outdoor Chimineas

clay chiminea, chiminea Clay chimineas can give your outdoor area a south-western motif because of the various colors and the texture of clay. After all, remember that the chiminea actually originated in Mexico, so this particular style still goes right in line with the original design.

Use this design if your patio or garden design is filled with bright red, burnt orange or golden yellow flowers. It gives the garden a terra cotta feel that fits in well with this type of garden or patio design.


Cast Iron Outdoor Chimineas

cast iron chiminea, chiminea On the other hand the cast iron chimineas can give your garden or patio a feeling of old world charm. If you like antiques, this particular style might be more suitable for you.

This would work wonderfully to complete the theme of your garden if there are other wrought iron or cast iron elements such as light fixtures to complement your chiminea. However, the final decision will be based upon your personal preferences.


Copper Chimineas

Another popular style is the copper chiminea. This style of chiminea offers a source of elegance and refinement to your outdoor setting. If you want to add a little character to your backyard, and stand out from all the rest, then this might be the perfect style for you.

All in all, outdoor chimineas are wonderful fixtures that can provide warmth to your patio, but also lend a sense of charm and elegance at the same time.

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