Metal Storage Sheds – Affordable and Practical

Metal storage sheds, sometimes referred to as metal utility sheds, will typically be your cheapest portable storage building option. You can find a metal shed to fit most budgets.

Metal buildings also come in a variety of sizes and an assortment of colors.

Metal storage sheds are an affordable option that, when properly taken care of, will keep your stuff dry and secure for many years to come.

Choosing Metal Storage Sheds

When it comes to metal sheds one of the top manufacturers on the market today is Arrow. Arrow sheds are designed to be durable, attractive, and the best part – easy to assemble.

Arrow has a complete line of sheds of varying designs, sizes and color schemes.

If the standard gable style does not suit your taste, Arrow also carries a line of barn style (gambrel roof) sheds that add a little character to set them apart from the rest.

Metal Storage Shed Kits – Assembly

Metal storage shed kits can typically be assembled by 1-2 people in 1/2 day to a full day. How long it takes really depends on who is assembling it.

Arrow Sheds only require the use of a #2 phillips screwdriver or drill bit (magnetic tip would be a huge plus), a pair of pliers, and a stepladder. A pair of gloves would come in handy as well.

Metal Storage Shed Foundations

The most important point is – make sure your site is level. If your foundation is not level the assembly process is going to be a headache and you may experience problems with your shed over time such as leaks and door(s) not working properly.

For the most part you have 3 main foundation choices to choose from:

  • Floor kit – comes as an add-on when you buy a storage shed kit

  • Wood foundation – you build yourself
  • Concrete slab – you provide

TIP: If you choose a wood foundation – DO NOT build the foundation until you have the shed and know the exact dimensions.

Also, make sure your wood foundation is both level and square.

To Anchor or Not to Anchor?

In short – Yes, you should anchor a metal shed.

Metal sheds are not nearly as heavy as wood or even steel portable storage buildings. Wood and steel sheds have a considerable amount of more weight holding them down, plus they are much stronger and therefore more resistant to wind.

Which ever storage shed kit manufacturer you buy from usually will offer different anchoring options.

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