Metal Pergola

Wooden Pergolas look nice but they require lots of maintenance. A good alternative is to go with metal pergolas. Metal pergolas traditionally come in steel and aluminum designs and can be decorated to suit your tastes.

But the great part about metal pergolas is that they don’t require much maintenance. The metal material is designed not to rust, warp, crack or rot and all you have to do is keep it clean to ensure that it stays great looking for years to come.

Metal Vs. Vinyl

We’ve already established that wooden pergolas take a lot of maintenance. Metal, on the other hand, does not. But what about a vinyl pergola? They don’t require very much maintenance. Would they be a good alternative over metal? It really depends on your budget. Many homeowners prefer metal pergolas because of their low costs in addition to their minimal maintenance schedules. It’s just like getting a wooden pergola without all the hassles. You can even get your metal pergola painted in a wood grain to keep the aesthetic appeal of wood you like so much.

Installation Of A Metal Pergola

It is recommended that you go with a metal pergola kit if you plan to go the metal route. That is because metal kits will already include the materials and hardware you’ll need to construct your pergola quickly. In fact, it’s not uncommon for pergola kits to be constructed in a weekend or even in a single day. All of the pieces are already cut for you and all you have to do is put it together. Think of it as a large puzzle. You will even get the materials to anchor it to the ground, ensuring that it stays looking magnificent for decades.

Constructing Your Own Pergola

Of course you have the option of buying the parts separately and then constructing your own metal pergola from scratch. Be aware that this can be quite a job. You will have to haul everything from the store and you can often find yourself spending much more on materials than you would had you used a kit. A good benefit of constructing your own metal pergola is that you can make it look exactly how you want. You won’t be confined to the designs of the kit maker.

On the other hand, many metal pergola kits are made from custom designs. That means you only need to search around to find the look and feel you want. You can find different colors and designs either online or in your local home improvement store. It’s best to shop around and do plenty of research so that you know exactly what you’re getting. For instance, does your kit come with everything you need? Do you have the space required for that particular metal pergola? These are important questions that need to be answered before you make your final purchase decision.

If you are looking to add style and grace to your outdoor garden, pool area, patio or yard, you can’t go wrong with a metal pergola. You won’t have to maintain it like wood and it will stand tall and strong for many years to come. You don’t have to worry about termites or weather or the sun’s rays because you’ll get plenty of shade in an attractive structure that’s designed just the way you want.

Pergolas are becoming increasingly popular amongst American homeowners. Be the first on your block to get a metal pergola before your neighbors beat you to it. Become the talk of the town with the newest structure trend to hit the suburbs.

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