Malibu Outdoor Lighting for the Home

You need to look no further than Malibu outdoor lighting when it comes to selecting and installing a yard lighting system using solar accent or low voltage landscape lighting.

As one of the top outdoor exterior home lighting companies, Malibu truly brings your home into a whole new light. Malibu has built a reputation for providing quality exterior home lighting options in a variety of styles and options.

A well chosen assortment of Malibu lights will have your neighbors green with envy…

Low voltage Malibu Lighting

At Malibu they have a wonderful lineup of low voltage lighting. This easy to install lighting system allows you to do-it-yourself with ease.

Unlike traditional yard lights Malibu’s low voltage outdoor lighting is a complete system that requires no digging or costly pipe for housing wiring. Simply lay out your design, set up a power pack, and string your weather resistant cable. You can even have an automatic timer. It couldn’t be easier.

Malibu offers a wide array of low voltage, do-it-yourself landscape lighting. With its easy installation you’ll think that they designed it with you in mind.

Other Types of Malibu Outdoor Lighting

Solar Malibu Lights
Malibu solar lights utilize the latest LED technology and provide sufficient light to mark entrances, accent walkways and steps, and to indicate the location of darkened obstacles at night.

Best of all, solar lighting is the safest and easiest kind of outdoor lighting to install. The solar lighting from Malibu has a scientifically designed solar collector panel that converts sunlight into electrical energy. This energy is stored in highly efficient rechargeable batteries used to light the fixture at night.

But, don’t limit yourself to solar lighting…

In addition, Malibu outdoor lighting has a product line which includes a wide range of specific-purpose outdoor fixtures. These fixtures range from 4 watts to 50 watt halogen, weatherproof transformers, specially insulated cable and numerous accessories.

Turn to Malibu Landscape Lighting for ways to:

  • Illuminate your yard for nighttime enjoyment

  • Spotlight architectural elements and larger plantings
  • Introduce added safety all around your home

Why Choose Malibu Outdoor Lighting?

Remember the name: Malibu. Their lineup includes premium metal garden solar lighting, premium post/deck light, flood lights, garden lights, in-ground well lighting, and underwater lighting.

Whatever your exterior home lighting need is, Malibu Outdoor Lighting has the design and type that you need. From cast metal garden lighting to flood lights and everything in between you owe it to yourself and your home to check these out.

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