Low Voltage Lighting Transformer

The basic function of a transformer is to convert the amount of electrical current flowing through a circuit from high to low current.

Low voltage lighting transformers are generally single phased units. They convert the high power supply in your home to a low power ranging from 12volts to 24 volts alternating current (VAC).

Depending on your needs, some low voltage transformers will convert to a higher current range of 120volts to 480 volts alternating current. You can use a low voltage lighting transformer to control outdoor circuits in your home such as the front door-bell, automated garage door as well as your landscaping lighting system.

Two Types of Low Voltage Lighting Transformers

1. Electronic Transformers
An electronic transformer is made up of two main elements. The main part of the transformer converts the incoming high voltage current to a lower voltage. The second part of the system is actually a circuit that raises the frequency of the alternating current (AC). A high frequency current requires a smaller transformer than a low frequency one.

2. Magnetic Transformers
A magnetic transformer uses two coils of wire that are wrapped around two magnets. The first coil transmits the mains current which in turn creates a magnetic field around the coil. The magnetic field around the first coil generates current in the second coil. The difference in the number of windings within the first coil and the second one induces a decrease in voltage.

Although magnetic transformers are larger and more costly, they have a longer shelf life than electronic ones. On the other hand if you are looking for a cheaper and smaller sized transformer, you may want buy an electronic one. When buying an electronic transformer, keep in mind that it produces a louder hum and has a shorter shelf life than a magnetic one.

4 Reasons Why Low Voltage Transformers are Useful

Save on Cost
Although the initial cost of purchasing a low voltage lighting transformer may be high, you will find that it will save you a great deal of expense in the long run. A good quality transformer that has a high rate of efficiency and shelf life is a good investment if you are intending to minimize your energy consumption expenses.

Safe and easy to use
Unlike the regular transformers, low voltage lighting transformers are safe and easy to work with.

Energy efficient
When compared to a regular transformer, the low voltage transformer consumes far less energy making your lighting system more energy efficient. There are various classes and sizes of low voltage transformers available to suit your needs.

Easy to Install
The installation process for a low voltage transformer is simple. It only takes a few minutes to complete the installation and wiring job. Besides saving you professional installation fees, it offers you other benefits such as;

  • You can bury your transformer under the ground surface with ease.
  • Knowing the layout of your lighting system makes it easy for you to make adjustments in the future.

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