How to Implement Landscape Lighting Ideas

Before you put any landscaping lighting ideas you have into action, carefully consider which parts of your yards and gardens need lighting.

The following tips will give you an idea on how to go about improving the value of your home with simple, yet well-planned lighting.

Draw a Plan

Begin your project by drawing a simple diagram of what you want to do. This will let you calculate in advance how many materials you need to buy. The most common mistake people make is to place too many lights around their gardens and yards. While this might give you plenty of light at night, it may not give you the sense of ambience you were trying for.

To simplify the process do the following:

  • Walk the area you want to light then map it out on paper.
  • Take notes and sketches of which areas you want to highlight
  • Note down the type of lights that you want to use.

Size of Transformer

Once you complete your lighting plan, calculate the total wattage of all the bulbs that will be used in the plan. Simply add up the wattage of each bulb you are going to use. The final figure will give you an idea about what size of transformer to buy.

Here below is a list of considerations that will assist you in determining where to place your lighting.

“Less Is More”

Install your landscaping lights sparingly with the aim of achieving a soft glow effect. You can easily do this by concealing the light source behind some foliage or behind a tree. Lighting fixtures that are not part of the decoration can be camouflaged in the foliage.

Positioning Your Landscape Lighting

Carefully position your light fixture so that you do not end up with too much light or glare. A quick trial using a flashlight in the dark will give you an idea on the best possible lighting positions.

Lighting Themes

You can use themed landscape lighting ideas as a brilliant way to blend ceramic lighting fixtures shaped like birds, seashells, snails, turtles, frogs and many more. These add character when tastefully applied to your landscape while being functional at the same time.

Landscape Lighting Ideas – Techniques

Use bullet or well type of lights for up-lighting. Up-lighting uses reflectors that beam light on your selected fixtures. You can also find specially designed colored up-lights that you can submerge in your water fountains or ponds to accentuate them.

Walk Lighting:
These are used to on walkways and pathways. Use them to provide directions and safety for anyone taking a walk in your garden at night. They usually come in non glare lighting which makes for a pleasant atmosphere.

Specialty Lighting:
Commonly mounted outdoors, they are used to highlight a main feature or area in your garden.

Accent lighting:
The main aim of placing decorative lighting is to highlight the best features in your garden. The feature could be a plant, gazebo, pond, tree, mural or a carving. What you want to do is place your lighting so that your object is illuminated in the best light possible.

There are many great landscaping lighting ideas you can implement. These include the use of Solar landscaping lighting which is not only cost effective but also environmentally friendly.

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